6 Tips to Choose a Family Travel Destination

So, you’ve decided it’s time for a family holiday – but where will you go? There are so many different places you want to visit and deciding which one is the perfect place might seem like a difficult task.

Of course, there are restrictions of time and budget for you to consider, but there’s also one essential factor that can narrow down your potential destination list, and that’s safety.

Safety is always a priority whether you’re solo-traveling or with your family. While there’s no “perfect” destination, with a little thought and research, you can find a place that fits your family’s needs so that you can all enjoy your holiday.

This article will guide you through what you need to be thinking about when choosing a safe destination for your family to visit.

Know the purpose of the trip

Every person has their own travel preferences. While some may want to relax on a beach reading a book, others might want to go and explore a mountain. Some may want to explore historical sites, while others prefer café hopping.

When children are involved, you know that choosing a destination can become super complicated. Not only will you have to stick to the adults’ preferences, but you also have to combine the kids’ wishes while planning the trip.

That’s why the first thing you should consider when choosing where to go is to decide as a family what you hope to get out of this trip. Is the trip for relaxation? Is the trip for language and cultural exploration? Is the trip for learning about history and nature?

The answer to this question will then help you decide what to pack. If you’re going on a sightseeing trip, bringing an instant camera is a must. Otherwise, if you’re planning to relax by the beach, you must pack some swimsuits and sunscreen.

Family Travel Destination

Take a look at the logistics

Before having kids, you rarely have to think about logistics whenever you’re traveling alone. We tend to dream about going to faraway destinations without figuring out the details. However, things change when you’re traveling with kids. Now, you can’t let your kids spend a night at the airport or sleep in a lousy hostel like you used to do.

When choosing a family travel destination, keep in mind some of these logistics that you’ll need to consider such as length of flight, change in time zone, language barriers, visa applications, vaccinations, and some other things. I can’t really list all the little logistics details that you’ll have to consider because there’re so many of them and it varies to each destination you’re going to.

If your family prefers going to destinations further away, there will be more logistics problems to solve than picking a nearer destination. So, that’s definitely something worth considering!

Keep a list of “Dream Destinations”

Whenever you see or hear about a place that sparks interest, it’s a great idea to note them down on a list. Dream destinations like Hot air ballooning in Turkey or swimming at the Great Barrier Reef. Maybe it’s your kids dream to grab Citi Field Mets tickets to catch a famous Mets game.

Once you have this list, whenever your family has some free time coming up, it will help you remember all the places you would love to visit one day, which can save you so much time and effort.

You can categorize the list into two groups: domestic and international destinations. Then, ask your partner and kids a few times a year about where they would want to travel next and note that down onto your phone. The list will then be filled with possible destinations that you can use while planning future vacations.

Family Travel Destination

Keep in mind the ages and stages

When traveling with your family, especially kids, it’s best to consider their ages and “stages of life” when choosing where to travel to. It’s not because some places are inappropriate for kids, but rather the whole family would enjoy going there more at a different stage of life.

For instance, you don’t want to be chasing your toddler away from giant cliffs during your trip to the Grand Canyon. Or you don’t want your 60-year-old parents to go on an 18-Day Mediterranean Coast Road Trip Itinerary only to come back from the trip with sore feet, and a body ache. Overall, think about who you’re travelling with and the types of activities they enjoy doing.

Consider the time you have

The time available for everyone is also important to consider when planning a family vacation. If you only have time for a 5-day trip, then you need to cross Europe and Asia out from your destination list. Unfortunately, you’ll probably spend most of those five days commuting on a plane instead of getting to discover the cities. Instead, choose a domestic destination that takes a short time to commute; that way, you’ll have time to enjoy the trip.

Go where the deals are

The budget might be the biggest factor that decides the choice of your travel destination, but don’t let that stop you from spending your precious time on vacation. If you’re flexible when it comes to the timing of your trip, you can find some incredible travel deals for travel destinations that have never crossed your mind. If you can find a cheap flight with an amazing vacation package, why not try it out? Some of the best websites for travel deals that I recommend you try are Skyscanner, Booking.com, Airbnb, and Hostelworld.


No matter which destination you choose, make sure to stick to the principle: spend time with your family and strengthen the bond of your relationships. I hope you find this article helpful when planning family vacations. What is your favorite family travel destination? Let me know them in the comment section below!


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