How To Do LEGOLAND Malaysia With Kids

We took the kids to LEGOLAND Malaysia in 2012. At the time they had 6 themed areas, which I split up and covered in detail below. As of 2022 LEGOLAND Malaysia now has 8 themed areas. The [...]

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park With Teens

We are back! Ten years later to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. And resort it is! No longer the LEGOLAND theme park we visited back in 2012, LEGOLAND has since added a [...]

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park With Kids

Let me tell you a tale about my very first media visit. Back to November 2012. The kids and I had been traveling the world for 6 months through Southeast Asia and the blog I started had grown a [...]

20 Places To Eat In Penang, Malaysia

After 2 months in Penang, I was sure I had visited some of the best spots to eat. When I research places to eat I find it so hard to choose. Despite the number of alternative blogs, Tripadvisor, [...]