Erin is an experienced travel blogger and gifted communicator. She travels the world looking for adventure and shares those exciting stories and helpful tips on her blog, reaching thousands of avid readers each month.

Her passion and expertise in social media, coupled with a degree in Marketing and Public Relations, positioned her perfectly as a teacher, mentor, and social media strategist.

Erin’s love of blogging has rocketed her into the spotlight with features on primetime TV, national newspapers, national and regional radio, popular podcasts and more.

With her 2 young children, Erin’s she’s been on a nomadic journey since 2012 across 67+ countries so far.


Erin has extensive practical industry experience as well as the theoretical background in a broad spectrum of marketing disciplines.

Teaching social media for business
Speaking at business networking events
Field expert on television, radio and podcasts
Public speaking
Social Media Strategy
Conference speaking on brand and blogger partnership


Erin has extensive experience in social media management. Combined with her effective communication skills she is able to educate small groups in a workshop environment and provide strategic consulting services to to tourism boards and businesses. If you would like Erin to train your staff or lead a group workshop for your industry or city, please fill in the form below.

Topic Overviews:

  1. Effective social media management
  2. Content marketing strategies
  3. How to find and work with professional travel bloggers to promote your destination


Erin founded and operates a successful travel blog business and has extensive entrepreneurial experience. She is an award-winning communicator and has been featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Lonely Planet, national TV news, the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Associated Press, Stuff.co.nz, HuffPost as well as many other online publications and magazines.

Topic Overviews:

  1. Social media marketing for any industry
  2. Insights into content marketing
  3. Travel blogging (writing and business)
  4. Blogging campaigns with brands & destinations

Erin’s presentations are full of life and her magnetic personality captivates and inspires audiences. If you are interested in having her speak at your next event please fill in the form below.


Dear Alyne Retreat (October 2019)

Alyne Tamir is the creator of “Dear Alyne”, a brand and content creation company with over 2 million amazing followers from around the world, and over 200 Million views in the last 2 years. The Dear Alyne Retreat was a gathering of females in Ubud, Bali wanting to learn everything they could about video editing and blogging.

Main Session: How I built the world’s best family travel blog, lost it, and started again

Panel: Brands & Blogger Partnerships

“We met Erin Holmes, from the blog Explore with Erin. She Told us her touching story about how she went from having a successful family travel blog, to losing everything and having to start over again. It was very insightful.” Iris

“Thank you so much for coming. Your story was so beautiful I was practically crying the whole time. And so inspired. Thank you for coming.” Dear Alyne

Women In Travel Summit (March 2016)

The Women in Travel Summit is the premier event for women travel influencers and industry members.

Main Session: Securing an Unbeatable Sponsorship Deal

Panel: Brands & Bloggers Working Together

Panel: Yes, You Can be a Mom (and Travel the World)! 

Mentoring sessions were sold in half hour slots. Erin sold out in the first few days and ended up doing 8 out of 5 available ones, using her own time to meet with women who wanted to learn.

“It was an absolute delight to have Erin speak at the Women in Travel Summit 2016. Not only did she did a great job engaging our audience, but she was incredibly genuine, honest and helpful — everything you could ask for in organizing a noteworthy conference. I highly recommend her for any event, big or small!” Beth Santos, Founder and CEO

New York Times Travel Show (January 2016)

Presented a seminar on “How To Work With Travel Bloggers”.

Attendance at the 2016 The New York Times Travel Show was the highest in nine years and the second most attended New York Times Travel Show ever! 

Overall attendance:  29,050

Consumer attendance:  20,750

Trade attendance:  8,300

Exhibitors:  more than 525 exhibitors, 110 made their debut in 2016

Media:  Approximately 900 members of the media attended

“It was so great to meet you at the New York Times Travel Show! I really enjoyed the presentation and you gave some great insight on working with bloggers. I would love the opportunity to partner with you to bring awareness about my program.” Libryia Jones

I attended your talk on travel bloggers at the NYT Travel Show, and briefly had the opportunity to introduce myself after the session. I wanted to send you an email letting you know how much I enjoyed your talk. The information you shared and the insight you provided was extremely useful, not only from a business perspective, but a personal one as well.” Lauren Braman

Glad we could meet at the NYTTS Friday.  Also I took copious notes and plan to utilize methods presented during the blogger presentation. Thank you.” Dave Saxe

ProBlogger Melbourne Event (March 2015)

“Erin Bender from Travel With Bender also talked about Facebook and it’s decreasing ROI for bloggers and gave some great tips on which social platforms to focus on based on your strengths, your audience and using your analytics.” Darren Rowse


To discuss speaking opportunities with Erin for your organisation, brand or event, simply complete the form below and we’ll get in touch within 1 business day.

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