Europe: Your Next Dream Destination (Here’s Why)

Some people are born to travel. We realize we are among them when we feel that indescribable thrill of stepping off a plane into a world that isn’t our own.

For me, travel is about more than just ticking off bucket list destinations, but connecting with different cultures, learning something new that you cannot learn while scrolling the internet, and returning home with stories to tell about the perfect family vacation or solo traveling.

Traveling through various cities and countries has taught me a valuable lesson: while tour guides and travel agents are helpful, the most enriching journeys often start with your own research.

People are naturally biased based on their experiences, so travel and food recommendations tend to be quite similar. However, when you do your own in-depth research, you discover new ways to evaluate destinations, uncovering hidden gems that many people might not even imagine.

I’ve identified a few things that I find quintessentially European, beyond the typical postcard scenes. Let’s focus on the experiences and the vibrant life that await every tourist.

Europe has amazing nightlife

One thing that really struck me about Europe is the incredible nightlife scene. It’s just so vibrant and alive compared to what I was used to back home. The Europeans know how to party, and if you’re quick enough to learn it from them, then you will easily experience the best night life in Europe, with all its colors and moods!

Take Berlin for example – the clubbing capital is in a league of its own. Massive industrial clubs like Berghain and Tresor keep the party raging literally around the clock on weekends. The door policies are infamously strict, but if you make it past the bouncer, you’re in for a wild ride. From gritty techno beats to performance artists doing…well, things I can’t describe here, Berlin’s clubs are a unique experience.

But it’s not just Berlin. Cities across the continent have their distinctive nightlife flavors. The raucous pub crawls of Dublin, the bohemian wine bars of Paris – each place offers its brand of nocturnal thrills. As a night owl, I was in heaven exploring Europe’s endless after-hours playgrounds. The freedom, the energy, the anything-goes attitudes…it was all so intoxicatingly new to me.

Find the best museums, often even free of charge

Speaking of intoxicating, one of my favorite European pastimes is museum-hopping. With centuries of art, history, and culture concentrated in relatively compact spaces, the museum scene over there is truly unmatched.

Cost is rarely a barrier either. Plenty of museums, even world-famous ones, offer free admission or significant discounts. In the UK, attractions like the British Museum and National Gallery are completely free year-round. Many others have free days/hours – for instance, Paris’s stellar Louvre doesn’t charge a penny under age 26 or for anyone on the first Sunday of each month.

One museum that really blew me away was Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. This stately labyrinth contains Rembrandt’s masterpieces, including the iconic Night Watch, along with thousands of other treasures from the Dutch Golden Age.

Yet despite such blockbuster draws, the Rijksmuseum remains delightfully uncrowded compared to its global peers. In 2019, which is considered their successful year, it had just over 2.7 million visitors – impressive, but still way fewer than the 9.6 million who flocked to the Louvre that year.

Numbers aside, the Rijksmuseum is simply a joy to wander. The stately architecture provides the perfect backdrop for its glittering collections. You can easily spend hours getting lost in its halls – trust me, I’ve done it many times!

The unexpected joys of train travel

One more quintessential European experience I have to mention: is the wonders of rail travel. Sure, hopping planes is faster for longer distances. But there’s just something magical about winding through picturesque countryside by train at a more leisurely pace.

Crisp alpine vistas whizzing by in Switzerland. Unchoreographed peeks into strangers’ backyard live from the window. The gentle rock and sway of the carriage along the tracks. Train journeys allow you to be an observer in a way flights just can’t match. They’re like a live-action letterboxed film, with Europe’s beauty framed perfectly in your line of sight. By the way, Switzerland is just an example, but you can find many more options, from Greece to Serbia, that have been suggested by Euronews Travel.

That’s not even mentioning the convenience and cost-effectiveness. An ever-expanding network of high-speed rail lines makes it easy to hopscotch across the continent. And with bargain passes like Eurail, seeing multiple countries often ends up cheaper than just flying between them.

Whether an overnighter or a scenic day trip, European trains have a romantic, old-world charm. They make the traveling itself part of the experience, not just a way to get from A to B. So for me, whenever possible, I try to go by rail. It is the best way to savor the journey while enjoying those postcard-perfect views.

Europe stands out as your next dream destination, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that cater to every type of traveler. The vibrant nightlife pulsates through cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, and Barcelona, providing unforgettable evenings filled with music, dance, and cultural immersion. Train travel across the continent is not only efficient and scenic but also allows you to effortlessly explore multiple countries and cities in a single trip, enhancing the adventure with every stop. Furthermore, Europe’s world-renowned museums, from the Louvre in Paris to the Uffizi in Florence, house artistic and historical treasures that offer deep insights into our shared heritage.

Whether you’re a night owl, a history buff, or a curious explorer, Europe promises an unparalleled journey that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Make Europe your next dream destination, and let the continent’s magic unfold before you.


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