Why I Only Book With Headout: Online Booking Review

How could I trust any online booking system after my experience in Turkey? To be honest, I had issues trusting online booking portals until I found Headout. Is Headout legit? It sure is! But first, let me tell you the story that helped me find Headout in the first place.

Prelude to my Headout Review

I could barely contain my excitement. I giggled in the taxi’s back seat, causing my partner to ask me once again what was happening.

We pulled up to the closed gate of the Nef Stadium. A 50,000+ seater football stadium in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Why was the gate closed? Were we early?

“SURPRISE! I booked Galatasaray tickets for you.” I beamed.

Headout: Online Booking Review - Istanbul

My partner’s favorite football (soccer) team, Galatasaray, had a game the day we arrived in Turkey so fighting the jet lag, I dragged us here to the Football Stadium.

I booked the tickets online at Viagogo, nervously, but trusting the online booking platform Google brought up. Big mistake. 

Travel Tip: Always get travel insurance! Check my favorite here.

My partner got out of the taxi and approached the security guards at the gate. They laughed at him and he came back to the taxi.

“What did they say?” I asked.

“The game was yesterday. There is no game today.”

My jaw dropped. The tickets clearly had today’s date. Online clearly said today’s game.

My partner checked the official Galatasary site and sure enough, the game was the previous day. I had been sold a fake ticket. I was devastated.

Headout: Online Booking Review - galatasaray

After 5 phone calls and 10 emails, we ended up doing a credit card reversal. Viagogo never returned the money, never provided customer service, never replied to emails, or called back. The dodgiest of the dodge.

It wasn’t just the monetary value, it was all the epicness of my giant surprise ruined. By one day. And one bad booking experience.

How would I ever trust another booking company again? How would I ever head out again?

Headout: Online Booking Review - Angry

What is Headout?

Headout is a tour aggregator with competitive prices and destinations worldwide. They offer tickets, spas, queue jumps, dinners, walking tours, private tours, airport transfers, you name it, they’ll have it (mostly!)

Headout is an on-demand mobile marketplace that helps travelers discover & book the most incredible tours, activities, events & local experiences in town at exclusive discounted prices.

The first thing I noticed when I started using Headout is there were real people behind it. Go to their About Us page and you are introduced to the three individuals that founded the site. Real people!

Headout: Online Booking Review - about us

The second thing I noticed is the access to real people. Customer service, yes! There is a live chat, email address, social media contacts, and 4 phone numbers around the world to be in touch with someone straight away.

Book with Headout

Is Headout legit?

Yes! The Headout app and Headout website are legit. You can book with confidence knowing that they have helped more than 5 Million people arrange their travel bookings.

Headout: Online Booking Review

How does Headout work?

You can use Headout easily on both your phone and your desktop. On the phone is great for the on-the-go, while I prefer to book all my tours before a trip so the desktop works best for me.

Here’s how it worked for me on a recent trip to Melbourne, Australia.

The first step is choosing your destination – Melbourne.

Headout Online Booking Review - Search

Once you get to your destination page, there is a list of Top Experiences in Melbourne, Top Things to do in Melbourne, and Top Landmarks in Melbourne. The list goes on to separate categories like Zoos, Wellness, Cruises, Adventure, etc.

Headout Online Booking Review - Melbourne

I headed straight to the Top Experiences in Melbourne and clicked See All. I wanted something epic that I’d never done before.

It’s like my Top Things To Do in Melbourne blog post. All the good things were there, including one I had never done.

Headout Online Booking Review - Melbourne Top

Instead of clicking on the Mornington Hot Springs attraction, I decided to search for all the different experiences to make a better-educated decision.

Headout Online Booking Review - Hot Springs

You can see straight away how many people have reviewed the tour, the tour rating, and some of the inclusions.

When you click the travel experience you want you can see the inclusions, exclusions, options, cancellation policy, and everything you need to know before choosing the tour. After I read through everything thoroughly I selected an availability date.

Headout Online Booking Review - date

After that, it’s pretty easy to follow the directions. You are told the tour time, and on the next screen, you add all your details and payment.

Headout Online Booking Review - Payment

When we arrived at the entrance to Melbourne Hot Springs the person at the front desk already had our details on the system.

I showed her my ticket on the phone app anyway because I had it readily available and she let us straight in.


Book this day trip here!

Read about our 5 must-do experiences at the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs, Melbourne.

Why use Headout for your online booking?

  • My number one reason for you is because I used it. And I’ve used multiple platforms. Headout is a legit booking platform delivering what it says it will.
  • But don’t just trust me. The platform is used by over 100,000 people every month and has over 15 million customers already.
  • Headout promises low prices and to beat any comparative excursions. Their Best Price Guarantee protects you if you find a lower price for the same tour. Just send them the website link and a screenshot of the activity (tour or ticket) you found online for a lower price and they will refund the difference.
  • On Headout you’ll find more than 10,000 experiences across more than 60 cities around the world. Places I’ve checked – Australia, Turkiye, Malaysia, Dubai, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles United States, and more!
  • They have 5,000+ verified reviews with a 90% excellent score. I need to add mine! You can read the reviews and even see people’s private images of the experience.
  • And lastly, as I mentioned above you can contact them. Their customer service is top-notch with 24/7 live chat. You can also email, call or use social media to get in contact.

Headout online booking reivew - Mornington Hot Springs

Top tips for using Headout

  • Once you’ve booked, download the app to easily access the tour guide meet-up information on the day.
  • I recommend booking ‘Skip the Line’ tickets to make the most of your day.
  • Check the tour inclusions before you book so you know what you’re entitled to, and what you’re not.
  • Double-check the cancellation policy also so you are aware of all the terms and conditions, including COVID-related problems.
  • Read the reviews for insider tips and to know what to expect from your guided tour.
  • If you’re not quite ready to book tours, sign up for an account and click ‘save’ on the tours and experiences that interest you. These attraction tickets will then be stored for you to access later when you’re ready to commit. They also get stored on your app if you need to look at them while traveling.
  • You can use your Gmail account to sign in so you don’t have to remember usernames and passwords. Love this feature!
  • Sign up for the cashback account to get money back on what you spend. Most Headout discounted tickets have a cashback offer. You can spot if an experience provides Cashback above the price of the experience.  It will have a cashback icon under the experience name. Your cashback is available to use on your next Headout tour (not cash).

Book with headout

  • Make use of the Gift Experience and give a loved one an experience they’ll remember next time it’s their birthday.
  • Did you leave your bookings too late? Don’t worry! Headout offer last-minute tickets.

Headout online booking reivew - Booking

How’s that for a Headout Online Booking Review?

I am so glad I no longer need to worry about where and when to book tourist attractions. With their lowest price guarantee and their cashback offer, I know where I’ll always go for the fun stuff. Bring on all the amazing places!

Don’t forget travel insurance when you travel. We use SafetyWing!




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Showing 5 comments
  • Angela

    This was not my experience. Terrible. DO NOT BOOK THROUGH THEM! THEY DO NOT GUARANTEE THE TICKETS “PURCHASED” and they wont even get back to you soon. All they sent was a whatsapp text saying oh we couldn’t confirm your booking but we can offer you other entertainment options. Their chat support is useless and their line is busy all the time. It said waiting time average was 2 minutes. I spent over 10 minutes. And when we asked at the library lello in Porto at the gate they said this website usually does this. They will take the money, say they are processing and then say they couldn’t get for today and they will after get you for the NEXT DAY. WHAT A SCAM. I am waiting for their refund, which allegedly will arrive in 2 to 3 days. I will be back here to let you all know they indeed do the refund within the time promised, if at all

    • Erin Holmes

      So sorry to hear about your experience, Angela. Although mine differed very much from yours. Perhaps it’s best to take your complaint direct to Headout. Unfortunately I am unable to help you with this, as this is just a personal blog on my own wonderful experience.

  • Azra

    Stay away
    While we were waiting for 2 hours maximum promised to receive our ticket that were not sent , only after I contacted them they send a message that tickets were sold and refunded the money. We waited 45 minutes in the que for nothing and waited 2 hours in total for nothing. Created so much stress. At the end we did not see Alcazar in Seville. I am so angry at their reckessnes . I wish there was 0 stars because that is the experience with them
    Their email 1 hoor after the ticket time 3 hours of waiting and checking and chat with support person at my expense

    Hi Azra,
    Thank you for booking your experience with Headout!
    Unfortunately, we could not confirm your reservation for Skip-the-Line Entry Tickets to Alcázar. Our local partner is sold out for the time you had selected. We are very sorry for this.
    However, we do have other times available on the same day (4th December 2022). All you need to do it is select a new time that works for you here. It will take less than a minute and you won’t be charged anything for it.
    If you’d prefer getting a refund instead, just let us know with a reply to this email and we’ll process it right away

    • Erin Holmes

      So sorry to hear about your experience with Headout. That wasn’t my experience at all. I do recommend always booking tickets in advance, as per the website recommendations to avoid this happening though. They are a third-party site so if the host activity does sell out, they have to pass that information back to you. I get it’s so frustrating and I hope you get to go back to Alcazar soon!

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