How to Commemorate Your Travels in Your Garden at Home

For avid travellers, the garden is not just a space to grow plants; it’s a blank canvas waiting to be filled with memories from their journeys. Creating a travel-themed garden is a way to bring a piece of each adventure home with you. It can serve as a living album, a place to reflect on your travels and share stories with friends and family.

In this article, we explore how you can incorporate elements from your globetrotting escapades into your garden’s design, making it a personal sanctuary that tells the story of your wanderlust.

Creating a Living Memento

In your garden, every plant, stone, or decorative piece can represent a chapter of your travels. To begin, consider the destinations you’ve visited. What plants or features were distinctive? Perhaps a particular sculpture, the style of a bench, or even the materials used in pathways caught your eye. You could incorporate similar elements into your garden.

For example, a fast-growing emerald green arborvitae could remind you of a trip to the lush, green landscapes of Ireland or the Pacific Northwest. These natural souvenirs are not just decorative; they’re fragments of the world brought into your personal space.

Planting with Purpose

Choosing plants that reflect the various regions you’ve visited can create a botanical world tour in your backyard. Tropical plants can evoke memories of Southeast Asia or the Caribbean, while a cactus or succulent garden might bring the deserts of Morocco or New Mexico to mind.

Each zone in your garden can represent a different climate or country. Research the plants to ensure they are suitable for your local climate, or opt for similar-looking alternatives that are more likely to thrive.

Architectural Accents

Architectural elements can dramatically alter the feel of a space. Consider incorporating a water feature reminiscent of the fountains from Italy or a pagoda-style structure that takes its inspiration from Japan.

Pathways can be laid with stones or bricks that mimic those found in ancient European streets or vibrant mosaics that echo Moroccan designs. These structural elements can act as focal points in your garden, drawing the eye and evoking memories of places visited.

Decorative Details

The devil is in the details, as they say, and it’s these small additions that can really personalise your garden. Decorative items such as lanterns, wind chimes, or statues can be handpicked from your travels or sourced from specialist suppliers back home to match those seen abroad. Even outdoor furniture can be chosen to reflect the styles of different cultures, like a Balinese daybed or a French bistro set.

Sensory Experiences

A garden that commemorates travel should not only be a visual journey but a sensory one. Herbs and spices from around the globe can add an array of scents and flavours that transport you back to the places where you first encountered them.

Think of lavender from the fields of Provence or mint that reminds you of a Moroccan tea. Even the sound of a bamboo chime can recreate the ambience of an Asian retreat or the rustle of a palm tree bringing back memories of a tropical beach.

Upcycled Souvenirs

Instead of traditional souvenirs, consider bringing back seeds or cuttings (where legally permissible) to plant in your garden. Alternatively, pebbles, shells, or driftwood can be used to create garden art or features.

If bringing items back is not an option, look for local artisans who create garden ornaments that can be shipped. These pieces will carry the essence of the place they came from and add authenticity to your garden’s theme.

A Gallery of Memories

Your garden can also be a gallery, displaying photos or artwork from your travels in weatherproof frames or as part of outdoor-friendly installations. You might commission a local artist to create a mural on a garden wall, capturing the essence of your favourite destination.

Similarly, a display of professional photographs you’ve taken on your trips can be a talking point and a beautiful way to revisit those moments.


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