The Princess Bride’s Cliffs Of Insanity AKA The Cliffs Of Moher

I tiptoed closer to the edge. I desperately wanted to look over, but the icy wind rushed past me wildly and a sliver of fear made me hesitate. My mind’s eye pictures the long drop as it appears in The Princess Bride as Fezzik climbs with Buttercup up the Cliffs of Insanity.

Far below the waves crashed like orchestral cymbals against the jagged cliffs with a deep, reverberating pound that could almost be felt under my feet. The waves seemed to call to me like the silky voice of a Mermaid’s siren.

It’s cold and I shiver as I inch even closer to the perilous edge. I remember the moment back in 2012 swinging my legs over the rim of the Grand Canyon. My guide closes her eyes and turns away mumbling, she was not going to stand and watch. Inch by inch I tiptoe until finally the red earth disappears and my eyes can finally see the sheer drop of the majestic Cliffs of Moher. The wind whips at my clothes tempting me to fly, but survival instinct takes over and I slowly retreat backward, one foot at a time.

Princess Brides Cliffs of Insanity - Cliffs of Mohor

I have seen so many amazing natural wonders during my travels from the Grand  Canyon, and Crater Lake in the USA to the Dead Sea in Israel, Cappadocia in Turkey and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The Cliffs of Mohor is one of these and happens to be the 2nd most popular tourist attraction in Ireland.


The kids and I set out from Limerick for the far west of Ireland. We were in search of the legendary Cliffs of Moher. Or if you are a huge movie lover you may recognise them as the Cliffs of Insanity from The Princess Bride or the Horcrux Cave from Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

The cliffs are located in County Clare and rise up to 214 metres (702 ft) above the Wild Atlantic Ocean. The signage is pretty easy to follow and we ended up in a carpark with a short walk to the visitor’s centre beside, or rather, built into the cliffs.

Princess Brides Cliffs of Insanity - Cliffs of Mohor Entrance


Adults are €6 ($7 USD), while kids under 16 are free. The kids loved the interactive media displays and their favourite feature was the animated movie which explores the cliffs from a bird’s (and fish’s) eye view. We watched it 3 times.

The absolutely adorable Director, Katherine, offered us a personal tour of the facilities and the cliffs. So after some time playing and reading the information in the center we pulled all our coats and scarves on and braved the great outdoors.

Princess Brides Cliffs of Insanity - Cliffs of Mohor Director

The cliffs are staggering, dare I say, insane. It’s easy to see where Princess Bride came up with the name. Did you know that people use to have tea on its edges? Insane! I may be slightly insane too. I love a good cliff hanger in the movies and in real life. I am disappointed I never managed to get close enough to peer right over the edge, however, I did get close enough for beads of sweat to appear on my concerned guide’s brow.

The beauty is mesmerising, the wind biting, the views phenomenal. Nearby is O’Briens, a lonely round, stone tower that was built in 1835. Apparently, it was built to impress the original owner’s female guests. Once the kids and I scaled the tight staircase, narrowly dodging the tourists coming down, we reached the best rooftop views ever. Green mossy cliffs with dark stormy waves crashing against them as far as the eye could see.

Princess Brides Cliffs of Insanity - Cliffs of Mohor lookout

Princess Brides Cliffs of Insanity - Cliffs of Mohor with kids

Once we had taken in all views of the cliffs we retreated back to the visitor centre to grab a bite to eat at Cliffs View Café. The food here was surprisingly delicious compared to the typical fare found at most tourist attractions.

Princess Brides Cliffs of Insanity - Cliffs of Mohor visitor centre

Movie lover or nature lover, on your trip to Ireland you will not want to miss the majestic views and the magical vista of the Cliffs of Moher. You may not be able to climb it like Buttercup in the Princess Bride, but you’ll be able to say, “I’ve been there” when you next watch the movie. Which let’s face it as most likely at least once a year.

I’ll never cease to be amazed at the alluring natural beauties of the world around us, and how wonderfully they were created. Especially those that I can risk life and limb on, in return for a spectacular photo.




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