Level Up Your Travel Photography and Videography with These Tips

Documenting your travels through photography and videography allows you to record some amazing memories. It can also be a wonderful form of art and a brilliant hobby to practice while you’re traveling.

You might spend some time capturing some casual photos or short videos of the things you do, but maybe you’re interested in taking a bit more seriously on future trips. When you get home, you’ll have something to show for your trip and you’ll have built some valuable skills too.

You could even use your skills to make money in the future. But where should you start if you want to level up your travel photography and videography?

Be More Thoughtful About Composition

One of the most basic but most important things you can do if you want to be a better photographer is to think about composition. It’s something that’s easy to bypass when you just want to get a quick shot of whatever is in front of you.

But if you want to be more thoughtful and take your time, spend a little longer thinking about the composition of your photos. Consider shapes, angles, borders, and how to position your shot so that the resulting image is visually interesting. You can boost the quality of all of your images by spending a bit more time on composition.

Improve Your Equipment

It isn’t essential to have expensive equipment to get good photos or videos. However, your tools always make a difference for any art form. The right camera can allow you to do more, get better quality images, and have more options when you’re taking photos or recording.

It’s a good idea to consider different tools you can use to achieve what you want. At the most basic level, you might use a phone camera, which can be perfectly serviceable. Then you might consider a small digital camera if you’re thinking about something separate that’s built just for the job you need it for.

Of course, if you want to get really serious, there are plenty of options in that area too. A high-tech DSLR camera could be a step up from a basic digital camera. Mirrorless cameras are another option, especially if you’re looking for great video quality.

For those who want to capture plenty of action, you might consider an action camera like a GoPro. Or if you want to pick up sweeping panoramas and scenery, a drone like the Mavic Air 3 could be your answer.

Think about what your goals are and what sort of photos or videos you want to create. This will help you to decide which equipment is right for you.

Take Care of Your Equipment

Once you’ve bought the equipment you need, make sure you take care of it. It will enhance your photos and videos in several ways.

First of all, you want to have a clean lens at all times so that your images aren’t ruined by smudges or fingerprints. You also want your equipment to be in good condition so it’s ready to go whenever you want to use it.

Remember that it’s important to spend some time getting familiar with how it works and how to care for it so that you can get the most from it.

Play with Light

Lighting is obviously a big deal in photography and videography. Getting the light right is crucial if you want to get the right outcome for any images you capture.

When you’re engaging in travel photography, a lot of the light you use is going to be natural light outdoors. This is great because different times of day, levels of cloud cover, and other factors will influence just how much light there is and how it affects your photos or videos.

It’s also useful to learn how to use artificial light too, though, because there are times when you’ll want to get images at night or indoors.

Get Closer

Travel photography and videography can often naturally lend themselves to sweeping landscapes and panoramas. You want to capture the beautiful views that you’re seeing, so you can take them home with you. But sometimes the best way to get a good photo or video is to get closer to a subject.

Picking something that you want to capture in more detail will vary your images and help you learn some new skills. Whether you’re taking photos of your food or recording a bird you’ve spotted, you can really focus on smaller details and the little things that matter.

Get in the Middle of the Action

If you’re a photographer, capturing moving subjects can be one of your greatest challenges. Even when you’re recording a video, it’s still a challenge to document the action in a way that looks good. But it’s also a fantastic way to build some new skills and come away with some photos or videos that are a great reminder of your trip.

You might choose to document a busy event that you attend or maybe an active pursuit you choose to do while you’re traveling. Of course, wearable action cameras can be a good choice for some of these activities.

Make the Most of Editing

Don’t forget that you can edit your photos and videos later if you want to. You might not want to rely too heavily on editing, but even minor changes can improve your images.

You don’t necessarily need any fancy software, as there are some excellent basic editing tools you can try. Even some tools on your phone will help you to make some basic edits to photos and videos so they’re ready to share. You can adjust things like exposure, saturation, contrast, and white balance to have different effects on your photos. If you’re editing videos, you might like to even cut out bits you don’t like or edit different scenes together.

Take your travel photography or videography to the next level by using the right equipment and learning some new skills. You can start creating even better photos and videos to commemorate your trips.


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