8 Best Travel Ideas For When Your Kids Are Old Enough

Family vacations are some of the best things you can do for your household. After a long year of work and school, you finally get the chance to unwind and go somewhere different. Every family has their preferences for a family vacation, with some preferring to swap the suburbs for the sand, while others like to get away from it all and spend a week (or more) in a cabin or cottage without cell service. 

And it becomes even better when you have kids because you know you can give them hundreds of fond memories. However, some trips are not always ideal for kids, especially when they’re too young. Once they get old enough, though, some vacations will develop a completely different dimension. 

The Classics 

There are many classic vacations families take when they have the finances and their kids are old enough, but if there is one that is on every family’s bucket list, it’s a trip to Disney. Here, your kids can enjoy the magic of their favorite characters, visit the multiple parks scattered around, and create memories that will last forever. 

But, many families bring kids who are far too young to enjoy Disney. They might recognize the characters, but they are unlikely to remember them. When you factor in the average cost of a Disney trip, it seems you will spend too much. So, while Disney is always a great place to go, wait until your kids are old enough to walk and interact with their favorite characters. 

The Road Trip 

Road trips are a fantastic way to see the country depending on where you set off from. You can go at your own pace with a destination in mind, or you can follow the vast open road and see where you end up. But, your kids might get restless sitting in the car for more than eight hours a day. 

The experience may be worth it for them as they don’t spend all summer indoors and get some time away from their computer, but you need to take road trips when they will enjoy it and appreciate all the weird and wonderful roadside attractions you come across. You could rent or purchase an RV for increased comfort to make things easier. 

Amusement Parks 

Even if you love amusement parks, there’s no point taking your kids who aren’t tall or old enough to go on the rides. All you’re doing is having your vacation and leaving your partner to look after the kids while you scream your lungs out. 

Besides, wouldn’t you much rather enjoy these full-throttle, white-knuckle experiences with your kids by your side? Of course, you would. The great news is that you can combine amusement park vacations with a road trip, so check out the best amusement parks in the Midwest to plot your route and make the most of your summer. 

Camping Vacations 

Camping trips are an excellent way to teach your kids survival skills and more while taking them out of their comfort zone, especially if they have become a little too comfortable in their computer chair. But, even if you love camping, you don’t want to do everything yourself. You want to use it as a teachable moment for your kids. You want them to get involved with everything they can, whether that’s collecting firewood or putting up the tent. 

If your kids aren’t old enough you may be left to do everything yourself, so maybe wait until they can handle the great outdoors. 

Hiking Trips 

Similarly, hiking trips offer much the same as camping, but you may get a more comfortable place to stay at the end of it. However, a day of walking and often traversing tricky terrain is not what every kid looks for on a vacation and they may simply not have the dexterity and balance to handle it. 

This poses several problems. For one, you may not make it around the trail in time, but more importantly, you are putting your kids at risk of injury, so hike when they can handle strenuous activity.

Island Hopping 

Island hopping is perfect for a relaxing vacation, and with so many places to go, including the stunning Indonesian islands, you have plenty of options. Kids naturally love the beach, but there are other things they can do besides play in the sand. 

Snorkeling or even scuba diving are two activities you can explore, but if your kids can’t swim yet, they may miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Waiting until they can swim and are confident getting into the water where they can’t touch the ocean floor will make your experience more memorable. 

City Breaks 

Whether it’s New York, Paris, or London, there are many city breaks you can try, especially if you’re taking a trip across multiple countries during the same vacation. But city breaks can also be stressful. They are busy and can always feel like someone is trying to scam you. These issues can make you worry about your child’s safety, so you want to keep the closest eye on them throughout. 

There are also cultural factors to consider. Will your kids appreciate the history of the city? Will they want to sample the cuisine? Or will they just want to grab some fast food and go back to the hotel? 


More and more families have taken backpacking trips with their kids in tow and found plenty of success. But you need to pick the right age. Backpacking with babies is straightforward as long as you have the right equipment (and aren’t fussed about them crying on the plane).

You can also take teens during the school holidays. Destinations like Bangkok or South America are ideal for encouraging a passion for travel early, and they will be eager to go backpacking by themselves when they leave school. 


It doesn’t matter how you spend your family vacations, you will always enjoy it more if your kids can appreciate it. You never know, you could encourage them to develop an adoration for the beach, hiking, adventure, or all of the above. When they get old enough to start a family, they will eagerly carry on your family tradition and give their kids the fantastic memories you gifted them. 


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