8 Reasons $8,000 Disney VIP Tours Are Worth It

There’s no doubt about it, Walt Disney World is a mission.

It takes time, it takes money, and sometimes this theme park even steals your sanity.

When I imagine the perfect fairytale Disney vacation, I see myself skipping over the steps of the theme park castle, singing Disney songs after a restful sleep at a Disney resort. What I get is a crazy 25,000 steps on my FitBit, heatstroke, dehydration, and a whole lot of patient practice.

And that’s just one park, forget about doing any more than that would be the definition of insanity.

So when Visit Florida asked me to do a Disney private VIP tour visiting 3 Disney parks in one day, I thought they were insane. But always up for a little insanity, I pulled on my runners, got custom lanyards made, ensured my FitBit was charged, and pulled up my big girl panties. Let’s do this!

Disney VIP Tours - Castle

Does Disney World have VIP Passes?

I was greeted in front of a sparkling clean white unmarked can by bright, bubbly, vivacious Emily. She wore a red plaid skirt with matching suspenders and a crisp, white blouse with ginormous gold buttons.

What stood out was her long, luscious red hair, like The Little Mermaid stepped outside of the movie and into real life. Our very own Disney park princess turned out to be our very own Disney World tour guide.

How Much Is A VIP Tour At Disney World?

Can you pay to skip lines at Disney World? Well, our guide shared in a conspiracy-like tone that ‘YES’ you can with Disney VIP tours. 

We were about to take the almost-secret Disney World Premium VIP Tour. And how much does a VIP Disney tour cost? The Disney VIP tours cost anywhere from $450 – $700 per hour, with a minimum of 7 hours.

If I had been drinking coffee it would have been sprayed on the back of her head. What?! Who pays that for a Disney World private tour?

Turns out plenty. It’s the type of people who don’t want to spend months planning, parents who don’t want to stand with crying kids for hours in long queues under the hot sun, CEOs who have executive jobs to get back to, and folks who have more important things to do, people who have done Disney before and just want to re-live their favorite rides… Or people who just want to see 3 Disney Parks in one day… like our group.

Disney VIP Tours - Mickey

This Disney World VIP pass can take a group of up to 10 people. So if you throw a couple of families into the mix, it might even be considered an excellent value.

Once booked, your Disney World tour guide takes care of everything. Just let them know your favorite rides, restaurants, and parks and they will orchestrate the entire day to make sure everything fits in, in the most sensible amount of time.

What does that mean? Ultimate ease. You’ll spend less time waiting and more time soaking up Disney’s spectacular magic. The way Walt intended.

So what did I think of my Disney VIP tour guide? Well, keep reading as I spill the secret in my Disney World VIP tour review.

Disney VIP Tours - Family

Perks To The Disney VIP Pass

Want a ride to the door? 

Our Disney tour guide picked us up and escorted us right to our chosen Disney park, and then using employee-only backroads, to the front door of the actual ride. Often we would leave our van parked behind the scenes and walk through a non-descript door that opened up where we wanted to be.

Outside the Tower of Terror, beside California Soarin’, or next to the Animal Safari. No long walks, no dehydration, and no heatstroke. Perfect air-conditioned comfort! How many times did I go on Space Mountain?

Disney VIP Tours - Giraffe

Want a FastPass+ expedited entry to rides?

No more waiting. On our Disney VIP tour, we simply walked straight to the FastPass+ queue.

And bonus you can ride as many times as you like. Regular Walt Disney World visitors can obtain a maximum of 3 FastPass+ tickets per day, but not with your Disney tour guide. Ride as often as you like.

But don’t confuse your FastPass+ as a front-of-line pass, but it is just as good. Especially when it comes to meeting Walt Disney World characters. Those lines can be intense, but we managed to hug Chewbacca pretty quickly.

Disney VIP Tours - CHewbacca

And because the Disney VIP tours are allowed to go as many times as they like, we enjoyed rides like Mount Everest at Animal Kingdom four times. Screaming every single time.

Disney VIP Tours - roller coaster

Speaking as a tourist who has been on a Disney vacation and has not taken a single ride because of the ridiculous wait times and hordes of kids, this Disney VIP tour cost is worth every penny.

Want the best seats?

We didn’t need to race to any shows at the Magic Kingdom with our VIP tour guide Disney World, there was always a seat ready for us. We watched “The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic” nighttime show at Animal Kingdom in fabulous saved VIP seats. And by the way that show was awesome, highly recommend it.

Stop by the Tree of Life afterward – it’s simply stunning.

Disney VIP Tours  - Tree of life

Want to know Disney secrets?

The guides have extensive training about all of the theme parks, as well as Disney‘s history. You’ll be amazed at the backstage magic they are privy to.

Our Disney VIP guide was full of knowledge. Knowledge of working at Disney, knowledge of celebrities who visit, knowledge of the Magic Kingdom rides, and Disneyland Resort restaurants.

She never seemed to run out of answers to our endless list of questions. If you ever wanted to know about the inner workings of Disney, this is a real plus.

Disney VIP Tours - picture frame

Want to do three parks in one day?

Doing one park is hard enough, but on Disney VIP tickets we had plenty of time to do three parks, plus enjoy a delicious, laid-back meal at one of Disney’s fine dining restaurants. More about that further down.

Getting between the Magic Kingdom and the Disneys Animal Kingdom can normally take up to 45 minutes by shuttle, let alone walking through the parks. This door-to-door Animal Kingdom VIP tour means you can maximize your time in the park. And take your time eating.

Want to ride the newest and longest rides?

One of my favorite perks was that Emily knew exactly what was happening at the Disney park that was worth showing off. The brand new Frozen ride had been added to Epcot the day before we arrived. Not to mention the Avatar flight.

The California Soarin’ had just changed to “Soarin Around the World”. No research is necessary. She had us heading to brand new attractions and, of course, old favorites as well. How many times did I go on Space Mountain?

Disney VIP Tours - Mountain

Want booked meal times?

Of course, your Disney guide can book you a great meal. We had lunch at the aptly named Nomad Lounge in the Disneys Animal Kingdom. The food was impeccable and I loved the travel theme. The bar had hundreds of travel stories pinned to its walls.

But the best part? We had so much time to sit and enjoy it, because we knew afterward we could jump in our air-conditioned van to any ride and hop in the FastPass+ lane.

Want to feel like a VIP rockstar?

Oh, and did I mention there is the ultimate rock-star feeling that goes with these Disney World VIP tickets? It’s pretty special.

You might want to keep a big pair of dark sunglasses handy to hide from all the wistful stares or curious bystanders trying to work out who you are as your tour Hollywood Studio. Total glam life! It is the ultimate day.

Disney VIP Tours - VIP

The Non-Perks Of Disney Private Tours

It’s Expensive

Ok, so it was expensive. No doubt about it. The Disney World VIP tour price can cost you up to USD 8,000.  But I know what goes into planning a trip to a Disney park and I know how much time is spent in queues.

So yes, your wallet is going to feel a very fine pinch. But the Disney VIP tour guide cost is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Loss of Pizzazz

You might feel like you lose some of the pizzazz of Disney since you won’t walk through the front doors with the music and all the fanfare.

But the good news is, you can book that in with your VIP tour Disney World guide and then skip the rest of the walking.

Is The Disney VIP Tour Worth It?

Probably the most important non-perk is knowing that after you’ve done a VIP tour… you are not sure how you will ever be able to do a Disney park again without it. After the manic of Hong Kong Disney, I can’t go back.

How you will ever stand in a queue, walk thousands of FitBit steps and spend an hour waiting for a show or parade to begin? After all, don’t they know who I am?

Disney VIP tours - ride

The real secret to this secret tour

What makes the private VIP tour pass cost within reach of regular holidaymakers like you and me is this simple economic principle – when you add up the cost of premium accommodation and food for a 5-day stay in Orlando for Disney World, it’s not cheap.

The Disney VIP tour service will save you money because you can squeeze a 5-day vacation into just 1 (or 2) days. If you’re paying upwards of $400 per hotel room per night in a Walt Disney World Resort, and require 2 hotel rooms for a large family (or extended family), shaving 3+ days off will reduce your vacation expenses by $2400. Adding meals at your Walt Disney World Resort and your total saving will probably exceed $3000.

So what seems like an extremely expensive and indulgent private VIP tour service will put you in front financially… plus (and this is a big plus) you’ll be much more relaxed and enjoy the whole experience as a family all the more. Bam!

How is Covid affecting Disney Parks?

All Disney parks around the world except one are now open to visitors.

From February 16, Disney announced that all of its resorts in the US would lift mask requirements for vaccinated guests. Those who are not fully vaccinated are expected to continue wearing face coverings in all indoor locations.

Disneyland has eliminated on-site temperature checks and is allowing guests to “self-determine” social distancing since California has removed distancing requirements. Some parks have reduced capacity and require temperature checks still.

Some Disney parks have resumed their nightly fireworks shows and parades.

Capacity has been cut in Disney’s theme parks, with numbers further limited in restaurants and in queues to prevent overcrowding.

You can read the latest updates on Disney’s covid operations below:

Update on Walt Disney World Resort Operations

Disney Cruise Line Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Alert

Update on Disneyland Resort Operations

So what do you think of my Disney VIP tour review? Would you like to do a Disney park like the rich and famous? I would love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

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This was back in Travel With Bender days. 





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  • Irene


  • Karina

    Hi Erin, love your article!

    I’m travelling by myself this year, and would love to go on the VIP tour. Do you happen to know any travel agency that create groups for the VIP, so I could join other singles or smaller families? Or the VIP is something specifically for a party. My party has me only. Ha ha ha

    • Erin Holmes

      Hi Karina,
      So glad it could help. I believe the price is set no matter how many people there are. For instance, you can have up to 10 people in a group so at $500 an hour that works out to $50 per hour per person. Whereas if it was just you, you could still go, but you’ll be paying the full $500 per hour by yourself. I would consider giving the reservation line a call and asking if there are any other groups that might be looking for members – Call (407) 560-4033. But it’s a great idea – maybe a Facebook Disney page could also be a place to grab another 9 people to join you! 🙂

      • Karina

        Thanks, lovely! xoxo

  • Anita Bluhm

    whoops… I forgot to write a message! We have taken 3 extended WDW family trips. My youngest son (23) is graduating from college in May. We love Disney, but not the lines and crowds. A Disney trip was not on the radar until I read about the VIP tour. So worth it!! So, WDW is back on the agenda perhaps. My family of four is a huge Star Wars fan and have not been to Disney since 2013, so all of that is new to us. I am not sure if May 20th timeframe is not enough notice but that is what I was thinking. Otherwise, a fall Halloween timeframe is good too.
    Ideally, I plan a WDW trip a year ahead, so I am way behind so the VIP tour seems fitting.

    • Erin Holmes

      Oh please do let me know if you do it! I think for a family short on time and planning it’s perfect. They can help you plan so I hope it works out for you.

  • Cindy

    Erin – good day – when did you go to Disney World and do the VIP Tour, was it during Covid? I have heard mixed reviews during Covid on these tours (mostly negative)… Please expand on your travel dates…


    • Erin

      We went preCovid. I cannot say how it would be different now, but I would think it would be better with all the social distancing requirements currently.

  • Isaac

    OMG I NEVER KNEW THIS EXISTED IM IM Just A KID! And once I Read All Of THIS!!! This Is WOrth The Price Hoping In The Future Ill Buy This AT Least For ONCE IN A LIFETIME PLEASE!!! OMG! BOI!!! SO Worth The Price Ill Be Famous For A Day Living The RICH!!! Heh Heh Style In DIsney World And Etc So Many Other Stuff Oh And Your RIght ABout The Sunglass Part DOn’t Want People To Know Who You Are So Many Good DEALS!!! About This Tour Thing Only Cost 8,000 HAHAHAHAHAHA WOrth It Man Ha Ha Im Excited For This In Future Heh Oh And Also How’d You Create This Website explore with Erin Maybe When Im An Adult I Might Like To Create A Website ABout Disney Or Maybe EVEN! SOmething ELse EHeh Heh ANd Add Comments To Comment Me If They Have Questions Problems Or Liking my Thing And More ETc Ha Ha SO mUch MORE!!! HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Thank You Alot Erin Ha Ha Ha Ha >=)!!!!!

    • Erin

      I hope you get to go Isaac! Thanks for writing.

  • Tara

    Hi Erin! Loved your review of the VIP Tour! Hoping to book one in 2022.

    Warm regards,


    • Erin

      Hi Tara,
      I really enjoyed it and for a group could see the value. You will have the best time!

  • Anita

    Wow….never knew that was a thing! Can see the benefits though! We only had 2 days in Orlando….did 2 parks….Epcot and Animal Kingdom….I felt very stressed with the heat and the crowds and trying to see as much as we can . Had a ball and thoroughly enjoyed it but will try to allow longer next time. Hardly did any rides as couldn’t get any fast passes and waiting in the long lines meant we would hardly see any of the parks. Fun place though!

    • Erin

      Disney is so stressful! I’m not sure I’d ever do it again unless it was this way.

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