7 Best Roadtrips Around the World

If you’re a passionate driver and want to see the world through the eyes of someone who actually lives on the road, the following road trips should give you that and more. Most of them will prove to be routes that might challenge your skills and endurance, but the beauty they uncover will be well worth the effort.


1. New Zealand’s South Island

Embarking on yet another island road trip might seem like a lot to ask, but when visitors see the stunning vistas that New Zealand has to offer, they will likely agree South Island’s routes are some of the most beautiful in the world.

The circling roads that can be found on the island offer multiple options in designing your own road trips. Whether you’re driving a campervan or renting a car, the diverse landscape and wonderful coastlines will delight and inspire you all the way.


2. The Beauty of Nova Scotia

You might not have heard the name Cape Brenton Island before, but when you ask most of the Canadians who live in Nova Scotia, they will likely tell you a lot about this majestic place. Filled with scenic landscapes featuring cliffs and hillsides that are reminiscent of genuine fairy tales, the island is also home to one of the best-known highways in Canada – the Cabot Trail.

From exploring some scenic nature stops on the way to challenging your abilities with kayaking and boat rides, this place has a lot to offer. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the view, especially if you’re lucky enough to catch the sunset while driving past the Gulf of St. Lawrence.


3. Route 66

It doesn’t really need an introduction, and all the words that can be said about it were probably already spoken far more beautifully by the likes of Jack Kerouac and Michael Phillips. However, for those too young to remember, Route 66 used to be the main route that connected California and Chicago before the interstate was built.

Also known as the Will Rogers Highway or the Main Street of America, this amazing route stretches over an impressive distance of 3,940 km. While the historic route has been officially removed from the US Highway System in 1985, it remains to this day a favorite among bikers and drivers throughout the country.


4. Exploring Southern Siberia Along the Amur Highway

Fans of the largest country in the world probably already know a lot about it. The Amur highway is one of the most peaceful and meditative roads you can take throughout Asia, and even the world for that matter.

While driving through South Siberia, the cool countryside, the scenic panoramas reaching far beyond the horizon and the affordable guesthouses you’ll find on your way to Vladivostok will be worth all the effort of getting to Russia. Moreover, the journey is almost 2,900 km long, so fans of longer road trips will definitely not get bored.


5. Explore Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way

If you’re a fan of driving along a beautiful coastline, Ireland gives you the amazing chance to do that across a whopping 2,500 km. Known as the longest coastline route in the world, The Wild Atlantic Way will astound you with the majestic sights of huge cliffs, expansive beaches and the unique people that live in the region.

There is a lot to explore here, and some of the names you should look out for include the Cliffs of Moher, Poulnabrone Dolmen, and the beautiful Alan Islands. Also, Ireland has done an excellent job managing the infrastructure in the area, which means you will have a surprisingly smooth ride.


6. Explore Chile Across the Pan American Highway

Most people don’t hear much about South America except for their love for soccer, but the place is really worth seeing. Chile offers some of the most amazing views in the world, especially on the portion stretching from Puerto Montt to the beautiful Equi Valley.

While driving at high altitude on the Pan American Highway, you will see many stunning mountain vistas, as well as places worth visiting like Rancagua and the Mamalluca Observatory camp.


7. The Mongol Rally – The World’s Most Challenging Road Trip

Are you up for a real challenge? If you’re a serious driver looking for the most beautiful and difficult road trips in the world, you can’t ignore the mother of all road trips: The Mongol Rally.

Stretching across 12 countries and two different continents, the rally begins in London, going through most of Europe and ending in Mongolia’s Capital city of Ulanbator. The best thing about this trip is that it’s more like a personal statement than anything else, and participants can choose their own routes. It will take you from the elegance of historic European cities like Brussels and Prague to Kiev, the harsh environment of the Siberian Tundra and even the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains.


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    I love the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland! Since we don’t have much time, we can only cut in half. It’s only one part of the wild Atlantic way while it’s good enough. Next time I go to Ireland, I will complete the rest of the road.

  • A Kelly

    woah! two of them are just beyond your expectations…
    Newlands south Island and Route 66

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