Indonesian Islands That You’ll Fall In Love With

Indonesia is the ultimate paradise for every island-lover out there. Well, the good news is that there are tons of cruises and expeditions for all of the adventurers, and you’re only a few steps away from booking the Indonesian island cruise that will show you nature’s true hidden gem counting over 3.500 inhabited islands.

The world’s biggest archipelago offers you a sneak peek into different cultures, languages, traditions, and customs, but most of all, it offers you the opportunity to see all the people living together, helping each other, and being extra friendly towards tourists. 

Indonesian Islands that will steal your heart


It sounds cliche, and it’s at the top of most travel bucket lists, but Bali is an island worth visiting, so grab the opportunity as soon as you lay your hands on it. It’s not just the world-class beaches, with white sand and crystal clear waters, but the temples and nature as well. Bali has tons of hiking trails that disappear deep in the forests. Bali also has a number of luxurious resorts. It is the perfect romantic getaway or an exciting adventure filled with memories. 

Aside from the beaches and the hiking trails, make sure that you visit the creative side of Bali, Ubud. You can find handicrafts, lots of mesmerizing temples, and hear some of the local music. While you’re there, visit the Ubud Monkey Forest, which is a sanctuary with over 1,000 super friendly primates.


It is situated west of Bali, and the island offers a completely different experience to tourists. There you can shop in the never-ending malls, eat your body weight in food, and wear clothes from aspiring Indonesian designers. Be the first who’ll bring the upcoming fashion to your town! It is the most inhabited island in the world, so you’ll be seeing a lot of locals there. But, it’s not that busy! You can do lots of activities that will help you relax like laying on the grass in the center of Jakarta, going sightseeing in the old town and some museums…

Once you’ve filled up your batteries, head to the other big city, Yogyakarta. Local dances and music will surround you, and you’ll see the whole Indonesian culture in one place, through the clothes, patterns, dances… But, your trip will be in vain if you miss out on Borobudur, specifically at sunrise. It is an archeological site, where hundreds of statues stand dramatically with a pink glow from the early morning sun. make sure you beat the crowd by going there extra early to catch this wonderful sight.


When locals and tourists get bored from their concrete jungles, they simply book a trip to this wonderland. Tidung is the perfect getaway place from the noisy towns. Apart from the beautiful sights that will fill up your batteries, you can also walk along the Jembatan Cinta bridge, which is the main attraction on the island. It connects the island with a smaller piece of land called Little Tidung, which is an equally beautiful place for some rest. If you feel a bit more adventurous, join the tons of teens jumping off the bridge into the ocean. 

Komodo Island

Your cruise wouldn’t be complete if you fail to visit Komodo island. It has never-ending beaches and hiking trails with amazing hidden spots that offer you a bit of quiet and intimacy. The island also allows visitors to do some fun activities such as snorkeling, diving, exploring the underwater world, with lots of fish and coral reefs that have vibrant colors. 

But, the island is also the home of the Komodo Dragon, one of the world’s largest lizards that can be potentially dangerous. Make sure you follow the advice of your tour guide, stick to the group, and gaze at the magnificent creature from a safe distance. Most of the time, they go along the way if you leave them undisturbed, and they are pretty passive. 


Stands for the Spanish word for flowers, and flowers are indeed beautiful. So is Flores. The island is situated near the ones mentioned above, and its beauty is equal to the rest of them. But there is one thing that makes the island stand out from the rest. It possesses three vibrantly colored crater lakes. They have an original shade, that can range from green, blue, and red, depending on the period. Scientists claim that the color comes from the gases that are released from deep within the earth, but either way, the sight is mesmerizing and breathtaking. 

Other than the lakes, Flores is the right place to visit if you want to get closer to the locals. Many people living there offer the comfort of their own homes to tourists to spend the night there, eating and sleeping beside them, and if they want to stay a little longer, they can also do some work side by side with the locals. A place that will teach you about the diversity and the friendliness of the Indonesian people. 


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