How To Store Sports Gear And Equipment In Between Your Travels

Sports gear and sports equipment might be something you actively use when going on your travels. It’s often equipment and gear that isn’t cheap either, which is important when it comes to keeping it all well maintained and stored properly.

With that being said if you’re looking to keep your much-loved sports gear and equipment in good condition, here are some top tips to store it in between your next travel adventures.

Give everything a good clean and wipe down

Before you go putting the equipment anywhere, you want to make sure that you’ve given everything a good clean and wipe down. From your muddy hiking boots to your bicycle, it’s essential that you clean everything before storing it away.

A lot of damage can occur when you’ve just chucked this stuff into a cupboard or garage without doing a proper wipe-down. You might find that if you don’t clean everything properly, you might need to replace a lot of it when you come to use it again. That’s a waste of money, so spend that bit of time giving everything a good clean.

Check for any maintenance or repairs needed

Maintenance or repairs might be needed to some of your equipment, whether that’s fixing a bike chain or repairing some clothing you’ve worn religiously during your travels.

Checking for any maintenance or repairs that are needed will help ensure you’re storing everything away in good working order. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to spend time fixing or repairing equipment before going away. Especially when you’re on a time limit and you might be going away within the next 24 hours.

Do a quick check of everything and once you’re satisfied that everything is in good working order, you can pop it all away safe in the knowledge it’s all good.

Get the right racks for storage

The racks to store and transport your SUP are important, regardless of where your travels might take you. Of course, some storage might not be able to go too far but where you can, you should have some good storage options in place.

From racks for your paddleboard to heavy-duty storage boxes for all the loose bits and bobs. The right racks and storage equipment for your sports gear will certainly come in handy.

Keep your equipment in a dry place

Make sure you’re keeping any equipment you store away, in a dry place. There’s nothing worse than storing equipment or clothing in damp surroundings. That could cause problems with the equipment and a musty smell to everything you intend to use for your upcoming travels

Vacuum pack any sportswear

Finally, when it comes to any sportswear that you wouldn’t typically use at the gym or at any other regular sports activities at home, vacuum pack it all away. This is a great way to save on space but to also keep it in good condition for the next time it’s needed.

Storing sports gear and equipment carefully and in the right way is important, so use these tips to make sure you do it right!



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