10 Things Every Traveler Wants For Christmas

I love this time of year. It’s the perfect time to update all my favorite travel items and my family appreciates the list.

As the festive season draws near, and the world adorns itself with twinkling lights and holiday cheer, there’s no better time to think about what travelers truly covet beneath the Christmas tree. While a new sweater or the latest gadget can be delightful, the heart of a traveler yearns for something more.

Whether they’re a seasoned globetrotter or an aspiring adventurer, the wanderlust in their soul seeks gifts that will enhance their journeys, make their travels more convenient, and create unforgettable memories along the way.

With this in mind, we present a curated list of 10 things that every traveler wants for Christmas, designed to cater to their love of exploration, discovery, and the joy of the journey. So if you need a little travel gift love then share this article, because I’ve made life super easy for your loved ones to give you the gift of travel this merry season.

10 Things Every Traveler Wants For Christmas

10 Things Every Traveler Wants For Christmas

1. Experiences

 Let’s face it. We travel to experience and giving the gift of an experience is the best gift a traveler can get for Christmas.

When people ask me my favorite destination, it’s always my favorite experiences that come to mind.

Husky sledding in Finland.

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico.

Hot Airballoooning & para-gliding in Turkiye.

Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.

The Giant Swing in Cairns.

Hanging over the edge of the Grand Canyon.


The list goes on. This year I’m requesting Christmas gift experiences for couples so that Ahmet and I can get some mileage under our belts on shared experiences since we spent the first 35 years of our life without each other.

And experiences don’t have to be big ticket items, they could be a day spa like what we did in Mornington Victoria. Or a food tour like we did in Kuala Lumpur!

10 Things Every Traveler Wants For Christmas - day spa

2. A super light carry-on

Airlines are getting stricter and airlines are losing luggage. So carry-on is my choice when I travel and I want to make sure I get maximum bang for my buck. So I knew my 3.5-kilo bag was no longer an option with a 7kg limit within Australia.

I recently went searching for the lightest carry-on I could find, eventually settling on Tosca’s 1.8 kg leopard print bag. It’s me all over and it allows me an extra pair of shoes I might normally have been able to carry.

3. Scales

In line with that travel scales are one of my favorite things to always bring me so I have no surprises when I get to the airport. These things are worth every penny when they are saving you $40+ on extra baggage fees.

4. Travel Pillow

Ok so call me crazy, but I’m new to the world of travel pillows and I’m not sure why I’ve never used them before.

At the moment I am between 3 pillows as my favorite.

This one that you wrap around your head or chair.

This one that wraps around your neck.

And this one that sits on the table.

5. E-Sim credit

The best thing to ever be invented for travelers. I upgraded my phone this year just to be able to use this feature. No more losing sims. No more trying to find sims and handing over passports and my soul.

Esims now allows me to organize it before I get to the country and have immediate access when I get there.


6. Noise-cancelling headphones

I recently forgot my headphones on a flight, and anyone will know headphones are gold. Especially noise-cancelling ones to drown out unpleasant noises from crying babies, obnoxious adults, or just engine noise.

I love my Samsung buds.

But my partner swears by his Sennheiser overhead earphones.

7. Kindle or Kindle Unlimited

Want to give me the gift of reading then a Kindle Unlimited Subscription is my idea of love. I first got it on my phone, before moving across to the paperwhite for better reading pleasure.

The Kindle Unlimited subscription allows you to borrow a list of books from Amazon. Once you’ve read it you can return them to others. That means you have an endless list of books anywhere in the world, without the weight, or the wait.

8. Foot Hammock

Long flight ahead? Every traveler needs a foot hammock in their life. Give your feet and lower back the vacation they deserve. Don’t pay for 1st Class. With a travel footrest, you can kick your feet up and relax wherever you go.

9. Packing Cubes

I never leave home without these. Not only does it help multiple people keep their belongings separate within one case, but it also helps you keep organized for fast or slow travel. I can immediately grab my swimsuit cube or my going out cube. I can keep a pj and toothbrush cube so for those road trip nights with a one-night hotel visit I don’t have to completely unpack.

10 Things Every Traveler Wants For Christmas - packing cubes

10. Cocktails For Your Favorite Content Creator

If you are thinking, surely Erin has all these things, then why not simply shout me a cocktail? Just click here.

You can even set this up for friends, families, or the favorite influencers in your life.

10 Things Every Traveler Wants For Christmas - cocktails

As the holiday season approaches, it’s clear that every traveler’s wish list is filled with the desire for adventure, convenience, and memorable experiences. Whether it’s a high-tech gadget, a thoughtful travel accessory, or the promise of a future journey, these 10 gift ideas cater to the wanderlust in all of us.

So, as you prepare your own holiday wish list or shop for that special traveler in your life, remember that the best gift of all is the opportunity to explore new horizons and create lasting memories.

May this festive season be filled with joy, warmth, and the promise of exciting travels on the horizon. Happy holidays to all, and here’s to many new adventures in the year ahead!




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