Travelocity: 20 Things You Must Do In Bali

August on Travelocity!

Every month I use my 20 years of travel experience to write for aggregator giant, Travelocity. They call us the Gnational Gnomads. These are excerpts of those stories.

This month you can read the whole article here:
20 Things You Must Do In Bali

I adore Bali. From its rice paddies to its markets, to its extremely tourist jungle. And it’s easy to get lost in that jungle of popularity. Tourist places can be fun and exciting, but so can the lesser known places. So let me give you a list of my 20 all-time favorite things to do in Bali. The well-known and the not so well-known.

1. Ride the Climax at Waterbom Park

2. Stay in a family-friendly hotel

3. Go to the Cinema

4. Attend an Ayurveda Retreat

5. Take a seat on the Bali Swing

6. Dare the Monkey Forest

7. Practice Yoga in the Ultimate Yogi destination

8. Try your hand at Quad biking

9. Don’t miss out on Canyon tubing

10. Take a Rice Paddy walk

11. Experience a volcano up close

12. Do sunset at Tanah Lot

13. Climb to the Elephant Cave

14. Take a cooking class

15. Get your hair braided

16. Spoil yourself with a  pedicure

17. Enjoy a daily massage

18. Relax in a hot spring

19. Catch a Balinese dance

20. Do Nothing

Read the whole article here: 20 Things You Must Do In Bali.


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