7 Ways to Prepare Your Gut for Travel

This post is sponsored by BC30™ through Maverick Mindshare. Have you ever been overseas and had tummy troubles? The dreaded Bali belly? Eaten street food and thought twice? Food and travel go [...]

What? You can’t take that on a plane

Every month I use my 20 years of travel experience to write for aggregator giant, Travelocity. They call us the Gnational Gnomads. These are excerpts of those stories. This is not the full [...]

Renting a Car in The US

You’ve already booked the best flight and a nice hotel for your trip – now it’s time to start looking for a rental car option, and the best thing you can do is investigate the options [...]

4 Reasons To Explore USA

Surrounded by three different oceans, boasting a mountain taller than Everest, home to some of the largest and oldest trees on Planet Earth, with one single coastline that spans 6,640 miles or [...]

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