Stop Making Excuses: Top 4 Reasons Why People Say They Don’t Travel

How many times have you planned a trip with family or friends and when you pitch the travel idea, everybody’s on board? They seem to have all kinds of ideas of where to go and what to do but once it’s time to start paying for the trip, the number of people who were on board to go starts to decrease.

That has happened to everyone at some point. For some people, it’s happened so much that it makes you either not want to plan trips anymore or it makes you prefer to just travel solo. To add insult to injury, your friends will not only tell you that they can’t go anymore but then they’ll give you some lame excuse as to why they can’t go.

Some of the reasons they give are pretty valid but then there are some that give excuses that are so ridiculous that they could have just kept their excuse to themselves because you would then look like a fool for even pretending to believe them… that’s okay though. Traveling is a wonderful experience that’s good for your mind, body, and spirit. Anyone who is willing to pass up the opportunity to gain new life experiences… well, that’s their loss.

For those who love to travel and have been the designated person to set up group travel arrangements, take a look at some of the top excuses you’ll get as to why your friends or family won’t be able to attend the trip.

“I Can’t Afford It Right Now.”

Not being able to afford a trip is a valid reason to not be able to go on a trip and it’s also the most common reason why people say they can’t go on a trip. BUT if you’re like most people who plan trips, you already know that everybody has different financial situations, therefore, you don’t typically plan last minute trips unless it’s for yourself…

When you plan trips, you give everyone you invite at least a year’s notice, and sometimes even longer than that! So when the excuse of not being able to afford it, especially after having over a year to save and plan for it, makes their excuse seem a tad bit silly.

When people say they couldn’t afford to go on the trip, it makes you wonder how could you not afford it when you had ample time to plan for it? The two main ways people financially plan for a trip is to either: get a part-time job or create their own source of income.

Getting a Part-Time Job

People work part-time jobs all the time for things they want, whether it’s a new car, a designer purse, or, you guessed it, to go on a trip. Working a part-time job doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself doing hard labor… picking up a couple of shifts per week can make a world of difference in being able to afford a trip and being able to enjoy a trip.

Starting Your Own Online Business

This is when you can let your own talents work for you. Maybe you have a knack for making organic body butter and creams that you’ve been meaning to get launched but “never had the time to do.” Well, now that you have a trip to pay for, this would be the perfect time to launch your career by selling your own personalized products… who knows, it might start out as a part-time business venture to pay for your trip but it could grow into a lucrative skin care business for you!

“I Don’t Have Time to Travel”

We’ve all heard that excuse before but when it comes to something they want to do, they have all the time in the world! It’s just like the crazy world of dating. If a man or woman tells you that they don’t have time to seriously date, that may very well be true but the majority of the time, it’s because they don’t want to seriously date you but don’t want to hurt your feelings… so when your friends say they don’t have time to travel, it’s because they don’t want to go to the destination you’ve chosen but don’t want to hurt your feelings… it’s sad to say but it’s the truth.

“I Have No One to Travel With”

Having no one to travel with is probably the most ridiculous excuse of them all… Saying you don’t travel because you never have anyone to go with is just like saying you don’t eat dinner because you have no one to eat it with… just plain silly, right?

Solo travel is becoming one of the hottest traveling trends now because of the self-discovery benefits it offers individuals… In fact, some people actually prefer to travel alone rather than with friends because they love the fact that they get to explore and maneuver around their destination based on their own rules.

“There’s No Accommodations for the Disabled”

If you have a friend or family member who tried to use this excuse 20 years ago, that excuse might have been valid but these days, there are all kinds of destinations that accommodate the disabled. You can hardly go anywhere without seeing signs that say wheelchair accessible or have seating and parking accommodations for the disabled.

Plus, with you being the travel planner that you are, if you know someone is disabled but wants to go on the trip, you’re going to look at destinations that will not only accommodate able-bodied individuals… you’re going to look at places that cater to the disabled as well.

It’s also important that you let your friend or family member who is disabled know that there are laws that protect their rights as a disabled individual. The U.S. Department of Transportation states that the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) makes it illegal for an airline to discriminate against an individual because of their disability. So there are laws in place that make it impossible for disabilities, whether it’s a short-term or long-term disability, to be an excuse to not travel anymore… you just have to gauge the situation.


If you haven’t tried solo travel, you should look into… you might find yourself being one of those people who prefer it over group travel.


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