How To Get Your Kids Ready For Christmas

Christmas really is a magical time, and it should be filled with as much love, joy, and cherished memories as possible. For kids, Christmas is massively exciting, but it can also be overwhelming with everything happening at once and everyone being so busy (and, sometimes, with everyone being so stressed). 

That’s why it’s a good idea to help your children get ready for Christmas in a way that’s fun but also calm and organized. If you can do that, everyone’s going to have a much better time, and those memories are sure to become truly treasured ones. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to get your kids ready for Christmas so everyone gets to enjoy themselves as much as possible. 

Decorate Together 

Some people like to leave their decorating until Christmas Eve, and others like to get the tree and tinsel up as soon as December hits (or even before, in some cases). No matter which option you prefer, decorating is a big part of getting ready for Christmas, so it’s certainly something you’ll want to share with your children. 

Make sure you choose a date and time when the entire family is together, and get all the decorations out of storage, ready to go. Put on some Christmas music, put some snacks on the table, make some hot chocolate, and off you go – decorate and enjoy the process. When you get to do this together, you can enjoy some great quality bonding time, and the children can also feel more part of the celebrations. 

Write Letters To Santa

Something that can keep your kids calm and quiet for a little while is writing their letters to Santa to ask for the Christmas gifts they want. This is such a great tradition, and you can go about it any way you want to, as long as there’s magic involved. Some people like to mail their letters to the North Pole, others like to put them in the fireplace and wait for the elves to collect them. Others put them under their pillows to find they’ve disappeared the next morning. No matter how you do it, this can be a really wonderful part of getting your kids ready for Christmas. 

If they’re too little to be able to write their list, have them do drawings instead, or get them to tell you what they want so you can write it down. In that way, even the smallest children don’t have to miss out. 

Watch Christmas Movies 

There are some amazing Christmas movies for kids available to watch, and these can be a fantastic way to get your little ones ready for Christmas. To begin with, depending on the film you pick, you can use it to teach the little ones about the meaning of Christmas or help them understand the various different traditions you take part in more. On top of that, watching a movie is something they can do to calm down if they’re feeling over-excited, especially if you make the couch nice and cozy with pillows and blankets. 

You can watch these special movies together as a family and enjoy some extra bonding time if you want to, but you can also leave the kids to enjoy the films while you get on with baking, wrapping presents, or working out seating arrangements – the choice is yours. 


We mentioned baking earlier, but what about getting the kids involved in it? You can have a lot of fun with this, especially if you each pick one thing you want to bake – if they’re old enough, you might even want to make it a competition, for example. 

Even better is the fact that none of these treats will go to waste because you can give them away as gifts or feed them to your friends and family over the Christmas period

Have An Advent Calendar

Is there anything better than counting down the days to Christmas with an advent calendar? Set a time every day when you and your children open up the next door on the calendar to see what’s behind it, and it’ll soon become something they really look forward to. 

The great thing about advent calendars is that you can choose one that has almost any theme on it, so no matter what your kids are into, there should be an advent calendar to match. Plus, they can come with chocolates or other treats in them, making it even more fun. 

You can also make your own advent calendars and put your own little gifts or activities for the day inside them. This does take extra time, but it’s also a lot more fun for you and the children, and it can be a wonderful Christmas tradition they continue for the rest of their lives. 


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