11 Benefits of Buying a Second Phone for Travel

You may be looking forward to your next travel experiences abroad, but also be anxious about things like getting a stable internet connection or being able to respond in a timely manner during emergencies. One solution to such problems that you may not have considered yet is purchasing a second phone, specifically for travel purposes.

Besides having a back-up should you lose your primary device, you’ll benefit in several ways if you invest in a phone for travel. You don’t even need to fret about the cost, either, unless you’re particular about getting the newest phone model in the market.

Affordable options are plentiful, from cheap mobile phones in Singapore to rent-a-phone deals in Canada, so it won’t be hard to find a quality model without going over your budget.

Having a second phone specifically for travelling will come in handy if you’re the type who’s always on the go and if you want to stay connected for every step of your travel adventure.

Whether you’re hiking up mountain trails, navigating the bustling streets of a new city, or lounging by the shore of a beach destination you haven’t been to yet, this additional gadget will ensure that you’re well-equipped for virtually any situation.

Here’s a guide to the benefits that come with investing in a second phone for your travels.

1) The Back-Up Phone Advantage

 When you’re busy exploring foreign cities and focused on the scene in front of you, you’re more susceptible to misplacing your phone or running into technical issues. A back-up phone can act as a safety net that will keep you connected when you need it the most.

If you’re trekking in a remote area with no service centre for your primary phone in sight, or you’ve had the misfortune of dropping your phone into a canal, having a second phone prevents you from being completely cut off from the world. And if you make sure to back up your personal data and contacts on your second phone, all the information you need will still be safe in your hands.

2) A Safeguard Against Major Losses from Theft

Carrying a less expensive phone while touring crowded or unsecured areas also minimises your chances of grave financial loss in case of theft. Your back-up phone may also divert unwanted attention and make you a less interesting target to pickpockets.

If you’re at a busy local market or a packed concert, using a cheaper second phone can still allow you to capture key moments and navigate the area without the constant worry of losing your high-end primary phone.

3) The Ability to Use a Local SIM Card

It will also be easier to insert a local SIM card into your second phone when you land. This strategy will save you from pricey roaming charges while also making it easier and more affordable to make local calls.

If you’re travelling through Europe, for example, a local EU SIM card will provide you with free or cheaper roaming across multiple countries. Your second phone will essentially turn into your local connection, which can save you significant sums and let you hop from country to country with relative ease.

4) The Multiple Networks Strategy

Being on two different networks can amplify your chances of always having mobile coverage wherever you may end up. Say you’re camping in an area where your primary phone’s network has no service. Your second phone, which will be connected to a different provider, may still have a signal, allowing for emergency calls and essential communication when you need it.

5) The Data Roaming Workaround

You can also opt to use your second phone solely for data roaming, which can optimise your costs and ensure reliable connectivity. Your primary phone can be kept in aeroplane mode to avoid unintentional costs while your second phone stays connected to the internet and houses any essential apps that you need while travelling.

6) Better Battery Life

By distributing tasks between your primary phone and second phone, you’ll be able to significantly extend battery life on both devices. You can use one for navigation and the other for capturing photos, and you’ll find you have sufficient battery life between the two phones to last the entire day as you make your way through numerous tourist spots and attractions.

That means that you can bask in the beauty of your travel experiences instead of desperately searching for a power outlet all the time.

7) Greater Security for Transactions

Your second phone can also serve as an exclusive device for secure transactions and two-factor authentication. While shopping overseas or accessing your online bank account, you’ll have an added layer of security, which significantly reduces the risk of fraud or data theft.

8) Efficient Data Back-Up

You’ll also be able to secure your essential travel documents, reservation details, itinerary, and emergency information on your second device. If your primary phone is ever compromised, you’ll still have access to vital information that can help you navigate legal and logistical hurdles.

9) In Case of Emergency: The Red Phone Concept

A “red phone” is a phone that’s exclusively used for emergencies or events in which you’d need to call your emergency contacts, medical services, or the police.

Your travel phone can act as a red phone or a dedicated device for emergency numbers, with these already pre-programmed. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, instant access to emergency services or a local guide can prove invaluable in crisis situations.

10) Access to Your Own Hotspot

To your convenience, a second phone can also be used as a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot, which will offer more reliable internet connectivity for your other devices. You’ll be connected all the time with your second phone serving as a portable router, and you won’t have to worry about draining your primary phone’s battery. This can prove especially useful when your hotel Wi-Fi is unstable or if you’re in a location with limited public Wi-Fi options.

11) A Dedicated Camera Phone

Lastly, your second phone can serve as your dedicated camera for travel, sparing your primary phone from storage woes and battery drain. Whether you’re an avid photographer or just love capturing your travel memories, a second phone with a decent camera can double as your go-to travel photography device.

Hassle-Free Travels with An Extra Phone

From the points above, it’s clear that there are several advantages to having a second phone while travelling. Such an investment can secure your peace of mind, optimise your safety from dangerous situations, and enhance your overall travel experience.

Before you embark on your next travel adventure, consider this simple, yet effective travel hack. A second phone might just be the best travel companion you ever invest in.


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