Forget Roaming Charges With An eSIM

How do you typically use your phone on vacation? 

Do you let your phone “roam” and accept the charges on your next bill? Do you camp out at the nearest available Wi-Fi signal? Or do you decide to skip the hassle and keep your phone powered off until you’re back at home?

Well, even if you don’t consider yourself a “techie” person, you might want to consider using eSIM to stay connected on a budget during your next trip.

Today we’ll walk you through how eSIM works, where to find it, and exactly how it will save you money (so you can spend it on fun vacation experiences, instead).

New to eSIM? Don’t worry! It’s easy

Most newer phones and tablets are already eSIM-compatible, making it easy to use eSIM data packages to connect to local networks all over the world.

It’s usually less expensive than relying on a carrier travel data package, and gives you lots of flexibility.

How is an eSIM different from a SIM card?

  • An eSIM is an embedded SIM card, so it works the same way as a traditional SIM card but isn’t a physical item you can hold or remove
  • Many newer devices already support embedded SIM cards (eSIMs)
  • A lot of devices allow you to store multiple eSIMs at once
  • If you have an eSIM compatible device, you can install eSIMs and access low-cost data packages on networks all over the world

Which eSIM should I use?

aloSIM can keep you connected in 130+ countries. With aloSIM, you can load prepaid eSIM data packages onto your phone, tablet, or computer. aloSIM allows you to avoid roaming charges, but still having access to data so you can use your maps, research your dinner spots, and travel abroad without hassle.

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Why are people using eSIM?

While you can use an aloSIM eSIM data plan at home or away, this innovative new method of adding data to your phone is especially popular for travel.

That’s because people are tired of using their regular cell phone plans on vacation and getting burned by expensive roaming fees.

Every second your device is “roaming” and using data outside of your regular coverage area, the data clock is ticking and keeping close track of how much you’re using. Even if an app is just open in the background, and you’re not actively using it!

While this is frustrating for customers, the carriers need to pay more to keep their customers connected in another country, so they need to turn around and charge extra in order to turn a profit.

So in order to avoid roaming charges entirely, more people are using a data eSIM instead. They’re affordable, flexible, and you can purchase as much (or little) data as you need.

How do I get an eSIM data package?

Use an eSIM app (like aloSIM) to browse available data packages and install them on your device for immediate data. You won’t pay roaming fees because you’ll tell your device to only rely on your new eSIM for data, instead of your regular data plan from back home.

Can I use eSIM with my phone?

If you’re not sure if your device is eSIM-compatible, aloSIM has a device checker that will let you know if your phone or tablet supports eSIM.

If your device doesn’t appear, it means it’s not equipped with the right technology inside. But it’s likely that when you upgrade your phone, your next device will be eSIM compatible.

This technology is growing quickly, and before we know it, old-fashioned SIM cards won’t be in *any* phones! Every new mobile device will rely on eSIM instead.

Sometimes people assume eSIM is going to be “too complicated” or “too technical,” so they end up overpaying their home carriers for travel data because they’re nervous about trying something new.

But eSIM is easy to use. Once people see how much money it saves them, they’re telling everyone “You’ve GOT to use an eSIM on your next vacation!”

Do eSIMs come with phone numbers?

eSIMs do not come with phone numbers, but you don’t need them because using an eSIM still allows you to call and text a few different ways.

  • You can use a temporary phone number from a calling and texting app (like Hushed)
  • You can use social media for messaging and video calling
  • You can use iMessage and FaceTime if you have an iPhone or iPad
  • You can even use your regular phone number for calling and texting, and you’ll only pay small carrier fees for individual calls/texts (since you’ll be using an eSIM for all data)

Are there downsides to using an eSIM?

The only downside to eSIM is that it’s currently not available on every device, so it’s leaving some people unable to access these low-cost data packages.

While there can be problems doing physical “SIM card swaps” to try to get cheap travel data on vacation, an eSIM means you never have to physically mess with your device and risk losing or damaging anything.

Get started with aloSIM eSIM data

As long as you have an eSIM compatible device, you can install an eSIM and unlock low-cost eSIM data packages in countries all over the world … often for less than $5 for a week’s worth of data.

With aloSIM, you’ll be able to stay connected on a budget with local mobile data, all while having access to your regular phone number.

Enjoy your trip, and be sure to buy a fun souvenir with all that money you’re going to save on roaming. 


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