Visiting Killarney National Park by Car

Ireland remains to this day one of my favorite places on earth. Its glorious nature and green meadows go on for miles. I want to go again. One day. Especially to see the Cliffs of Mohor aka Princess Brides Cliffs of Insanity. Thanks to Sarah for taking me there again, briefly, today. 


Killarney – the town in the park – is a true gem of the County Kerry and the whole Ireland. Its stunning National Park with 26,000 acres of beauty belongs to the top 10 travel destinations on our planet.

Can you visit Killarney without a car?

Getting there is easy if you travel by car. A modern town with a developed infrastructure surrounded by wild breathtaking nature is all you need for a perfect exciting trip. So just make sure your car is ready for a long trip, and let’s go! As always we recommend travel insurance whenever you travel. Especially during these crazy times. I travel with Safety Wing. Check how affordable it is here.

However most of the Killarney National Park attractions are accessible both on foot and by car. But if you travel by your vehicle, you can see and do more. Plus, you don’t have to crowd with other tourists in a shuttle bus or rent a jaunting car. Muckross House, gardens, and Abbey, Torc Waterfall, Ross Castle, The Gap of Dunloe, Kenmare Estate, lakes, valleys, waterfalls, hills, canyons, and mountains are concentrated in one place and only a several-minute drive from the town.

But if you don’t want to travel by car you can pick up a bike from the Muckross Road depot and tour Killarney National Park on special cyclist paths.
Alternaitvely you may want to take a tour through Killarney. Check Killarney National Park cheap tour prices here.


What can I do at Killarney National Park?

This beautiful place can be explored in many ways and at many costs. You can hike or drive through the park with a map at your own pace or take a guided walk. Also, you can bring/rent a bike to explore the Park’s most secluded places and enjoy its primordial beauty. By the way, in a bike-on-a-boat tour, you can board a boat with your bike to cruise through the lakes and then cycle to the Gap of Dunloe, Lord Brandon’s Cottage, Ross Castle, and come back by bike.

The Ring of Kerry is a 110-mile-long scenic drive around the Iveragh Peninsula that thrills you with wonder every time you make a turn. Mountain and ocean views are amazing. Here are some tips on how to make this trip even more exciting:

  • drive clockwise starting from Kenmare; this way you will avoid dragging behind coach tours as you will be driving in the opposite direction.
  • If you have extra time and want more adventures, stray off the road and explore smaller roads crisscrossing the peninsula.

If the weather is favorable and you feel fit, try climbing on Carrauntoohil, Ireland’s highest mountain. Sing Irish ballads in Killarney pub, take a boat to Skellig Michael, dive and climb rocks in Caherdaniel, cycle/hike the Kerry Way, or, if you don’t feel like sweating too much today, take a rest at a lakeside hotel with relaxing SPA procedures.

What is Killarney famous? Killarney is most famous for its religious settlements that are a prominent feature of Killarney’s history and more importantly the early history of Ireland. One of the most notable historic settlements which lay in ruins today as an infamous tourist attraction is the monastery on Innisfallen Island; founded by St. Finian the Leper in 640.
If you really want to experience Killarney National Park and it’s surround take a tour of the whole Wild Atlantic Way. 

What else should I do beside Killarney National Park?

If you’ve ever seen the Princess Bride you’ll recognize one of the most popular scenes takes place when the princess is being carried up the side of a massive cliff front on the back of Andre the Giant, along with Inigo Montoya and Vizzini.

It’s where we hear the famous Cliffs of Insanity quote by Vizzini, “inconceivable.” And at the top where Inigo Montoya confronts the Dread Pirate Roberts. What is the quote from Princess Bride? “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

The Cliffs of Insanity location is in County Clare. Known as the Cliffs of Moher they rise to 214 meters (702 ft) above the Wild Atlantic Ocean and are over 300 million years in the making.

I have seen so many amazing natural wonders during my travels from the Grand  Canyon, and Crater Lake in the USA to the Dead Sea in Israel, Cappadocia in Turkey, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The Cliffs of Moher is one of these and happens to be the 2nd most popular tourist attraction in Ireland.

What should I eat while at Killaney National Park?

During my month in Ireland, I ate my way through the entire emerald isle. Most of the dishes I ate were downright drool-worthy, but one. Shudder. Read my 5 Unforgettable Foods To Try In Ireland (& One Irish Dish To Skip) so you can complete your own unforgettable food journey in Ireland.

Where can I stay at Killarney National Park?

Opt for the hotel that backs onto the Park for the most breathtaking views right from your window.

Check cheapest accomodation prices here.


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