Can you travel to Turkey During Ramadan?

When we originally started planning our trip to Turkey the main idea was to go and go as soon as possible, despite Ramadan or flight costs or weather. After 2.5 years of being locked in [...]

How I Became a Professional Travel Blogger

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Why You Should Trust Explore With Erin

I think I was born to travel. I’ve had travel in my blood from a very early age (well not as early as my kids!). You can trust me. I’ve traveled. I traveled solo in my early twenties, [...]

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey with Kids

In the early morning light, it was almost as if no further life existed. I could barely make out the nearby hot air balloons. It was as if we were the only hot air ballooning in Turkey at all. As [...]

Fun Things to do in Portugal

Do you dream of running on beaches and eating plates of seafood? If yes, get a Schengen visa and catch the next flight to Portugal. Nicknamed Seleção das Quinas (The Selection of the Shields), [...]