7 Things To Check Before You Road Trip

When planning a road trip it helps to have a checklist. Of course, winging it is always worth a try, but I’ve found that successful trips are planned trips. Avoiding disaster is so much [...]

Top 5 Free Activities in New York City

New York has a reputation for being quite an expensive city—not just for residents, but for travelers as well. Between food, transportation, sensible accommodations, and entertainment, you can [...]

3 Destinations To Consider On A Budget

If you’re planning to reign in your spending, then you might be tempted to address luxuries like holiday time. But just because you aren’t spending a great deal doesn’t mean that you can’t have a [...]

A Quick Guide To Visiting Singapore

My 4th visit to Singapore felt like the first. It had been 7 years since I was last here and boy, had things changed. Not only that, but it was also my partner’s first time so it felt like [...]

4 Genius Hacks For Traveling With Kids

Being a parent, you want to take your little one on every new adventure so they can see the world. Bringing them along for the ride, though, can make it hard to enjoy things for yourself. [...]

7 Things To Do In San Antonio

San Antonio is a major city in Texas with a rich colonial heritage. It’s been part of the Spanish Empire, and the Mexican Empire. It’s not hard to see why one of the largest cities in [...]

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