How to work in travel photography and make good money

Travel photography is all about bringing the world to people and exposing to them what else is out there.  For example, photography of landscapes, historical buildings, cultures, and people in a specific place and destination. Travel photography makes others wish they were there.

Many career opportunities within travel photography allow you and your camera to see the world. At the same time, modern travel photography jobs offer many ways to combine your love of traveling with photography if you have the talent and determination. Jobs range from photojournalist to landing private shoots at a resort.

People are attracted to travel photography jobs because of the opportunity to see many corners of the globe and a good salary. Now, travel planner jobs are gaining popularity there are several ways to get paid for taking pictures – stock images, social media, and more.

Read on if you want to combine your passion for traveling and photography to earn money. 

How to start earning well as a travel photographer: top 10 tips

To become a highly paid travel photographer, you need to work hard. Specialists of Jooble job aggregator have collected the most effective recommendations that will help you succeed in your career. If you have chosen to see the world and earn money from images taken while traveling, we recommend you use the following practical tips.

1. Expensive equipment doesn’t always mean better travel photos

Refrain from assuming that an expensive camera will take excellent travel shots. Beginning photographers who switch from a phone camera to professional equipment fall into this trap. Photography requires a certain amount of skill. A good camera is designed to ensure that the pictures have a normal look. But more than the equipment will be needed to produce the level of photos that people will want to pay big bucks for.

At the same time, choosing professional equipment is as important as knowing how to use it. Learn about your camera, features, and settings to become an expert. Learn how the camera works and how to use it. In this situation, you can watch informative videos, take educational courses, and read books to improve your skills to such a high level that you will be willing to pay a lot for your pictures.

2. Find photo customers who will buy them regularly

Pay stability for a travel photographer is a perfectly rational desire. Travel photography jobs that will come up from time to time often make up the bulk of your income. To ensure a good base of steady income, it’s best to find one or even a few clients who will need your travel photos regularly.

Chances are, while working, you may notice that you are often paid for one-off shoots. It is not a bad type of income for a travel photographer, but this option does not guarantee financial stability. It’s only a good solution to pay off bills on a one-off basis. It would help if you didn’t rely on irregular income. Knowing that you can get a specific amount of money from several customers monthly will allow you to build your business competently and plan your financial budget.

3. Diversify your photography income

Think hard about how you can earn income for your travel photos. You can use your camera to make good money in several ways. You can sell your pictures to print travel publications, take stock photos, and sell your pictures to virtual magazines or blogs.

Think about your contacts and what photos you like to take while traveling. Work on developing your strengths and discover new income opportunities. To find new sources of income for your travel shots, explore informative articles online. There is a lot of useful information out there.

4. Get in touch with travel editors of travel publications

The editor of a travel and tourism magazine is often a busy person. They often cooperate with freelance photographers who send them regular photos for publication.

Among the latter, there is most often quite a high level of competition for the editor’s attention, as such publications pay a lot of money for the pictures and positively affect the photographer’s image as a professional in his work.

You need to connect and build great relationships with travel magazine editors to get ahead of the competition. Try to make their job easier by finding out what the editors want, what kind of photos they like most, and what their magazine is about.

If you present yourself positively and professionally, they will interest you. It’s also a good idea to remain friendly and approachable. Research the culture of each magazine. Publishing a snapshot in a travel magazine can bring in a lot of money.

5. Showcase your talent online

Promote yourself on Instagram to succeed. Some people make good money using this platform, but at the same time, many travel photographers don’t use it at all. If you bet solely on Instagram, there is a great risk of being left with nothing. Therefore, making your online presence more serious and large-scale is best.

Use various social media platforms, create your website, and regularly share your work on special platforms for travel photographers. Experiment with different options over a while and find what suits you best.

Uploading videos to the web is a great option to get your audience interested in what you do. It will also make your online presence more diverse beyond posting snapshots. In addition, you can also start a travel blog. This way, you can promote yourself well, earning you a good income in the future.

6. Sell your travel photos in print format

With the help of websites, you can sell any travel photos in print form. Take care of shipping your work anywhere in the world. You can also sell your photos autographed or uniquely signed to the buyer.

7. Showcase your travel photos on online agency sites

Nowadays, there are many virtual photo agencies through which you can sell photos. Once you do this, you will be able to earn good money every month.

Publishing your work on stock platforms is a great way to get money for your photography work. It also works as passive income, and earnings can increase over time.

Spend some of your time posting travel photos on various virtual platforms. 

8. Buy a good laptop for editing your shots

You need more than a good camera to earn quite good money for photos taken while traveling. Since you will be constantly on the go, getting a good laptop for photo editing is best. Take into account that these programs need a powerful laptop computer. The better the laptop, the faster you can process your photos.

9. Participate in travel photo contests

Many contests are organized regularly on the internet in which travel photographers participate. In addition to becoming better known in this field, you can also get a good amount of money if your work wins prizes in the competition.

If there is no prize fund, the photographer is still ensured the prestige of being a winner. Being able to list several winning photography competitions on your resume is a great way to promote yourself and create an image of a true professional. 

10. Get busy promoting your photos

Often, successful travel photographers are not those who take excellent pictures but rather those who have been able to promote and market themselves best.

To achieve success in high-paying travel photography, you must promote your work well. Proper promotion will ensure that people will be willing to pay good money for the images.

Getting good money for photos taken while traveling is the dream of many creative people. But achieving this goal is worth carefully planning everything and working hard in this field.

Places to become a highly paid travel photographer – is quite realistic if you put in enough effort. Our article will help you to solve the career question and achieve success. 


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