Nurturing the Love of Travel in the Next Generation

Traveling opens up new horizons, offering invaluable experiences that enrich our lives. For those with a profound love of exploration, the desire to pass this passion on to children or the next generation is a natural inclination.

Here are several strategies to share this love of traveling, ensuring it becomes a cherished aspect of their lives too.

Financial Planning for Future Journeys

One practical step towards enabling the younger generation’s travel dreams is to start a Junior ISA for them. This tax-efficient savings vehicle is designed specifically for children, allowing money to be set aside for their future. By allocating funds specifically for travel, you can provide them with the financial means to explore the world when they’re older.

This not only teaches the value of saving and planning but also gives them something incredibly exciting to look forward to. Imagine the sense of adventure and independence they’ll experience, knowing they have the means to journey wherever their hearts desire, thanks to early financial planning.

Share Stories and Experiences

Our own travel stories are a treasure trove of inspiration. Share tales of your adventures, the people you met, the foods you tried, and the sights that took your breath away. These stories can spark a sense of wonder and curiosity in children, making them eager to explore the world themselves.

You can also share travel books, blogs, and documentaries that highlight the beauty and diversity of different cultures and landscapes. By exposing them to a variety of travel narratives, you help broaden their understanding of the world and nurture their interest in discovering it firsthand.

Create a Travel-Inspired Environment

Surrounding children with maps, globes, and travel-related decor can stimulate their imagination and interest in the world. A world map pinned with locations you’ve visited or plan to visit together can be a visual and interactive way to discuss different countries, cultures, and languages.

This environment serves as a constant reminder of the vast, exciting world waiting to be explored and the endless possibilities that travel brings.

Plan Family Trips

Nothing beats hands-on experience. Planning family trips, whether local or international, is an excellent way to introduce children to the joys of traveling.

These experiences can range from weekend getaways to extended holidays in distant lands. The key is to involve them in the planning process, letting them choose activities or sites they’re interested in.

This not only makes the trip more enjoyable for them but also teaches them valuable planning and decision-making skills.

Encourage Learning Languages

Language is a window to culture. Encouraging children to learn new languages can deepen their interest in travel and make their future trips more meaningful.

Language learning can start with fun apps, classes, or even by hosting exchange students. This not only aids in communication during travels but also fosters a deeper appreciation and understanding of different cultures.

Start a Travel Journal or Blog Together

Documenting travel experiences through a journal or blog can be a fun and educational activity. It allows children to reflect on their adventures, jotting down what they found interesting, funny, or surprising.

This not only helps in developing their writing skills but also creates a precious keepsake of memories that can inspire future travels.

Encourage Participation in Exchange Programs

When they’re old enough, encourage participation in student exchange programs or international volunteer opportunities. These experiences can be life-changing, offering deep cultural immersion and personal growth. They also teach resilience, independence, and a deeper appreciation for global diversity.

Teach Them to Be Responsible Travelers

Part of loving travel is understanding the impact it has on the planet and the communities we visit. Teach children about sustainable travel practices, respecting local cultures, and contributing positively to the places they visit. This not only ensures they become responsible travelers but also instills a sense of global citizenship.


As we wrap up, let’s dive into the beauty of passing down your wanderlust to the next generation. It’s all about blending practical strategies, such as kickstarting a Junior ISA, with moments and lessons that fuel a boundless enthusiasm for discovery.

By integrating travel seamlessly into their upbringing, you’re granting them access to a universe of adventure, enlightenment, and evolution. This inheritance of exploration stands as one of the most invaluable treasures you can bestow upon them, brimming with wisdom and memories that will shape their journey indefinitely.


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