Choose Samanvaya For Your Next Adults Only Bali Getaway

It was my Balinese driver who first told me to visit Sideman. It was his home and he said that if I liked Ubud so much, I would like Sideman better.

So when the invite came to visit Samanvaya adults-only resort I knew I had to make it happen. But how hard is it to find time away from your children? It took me a year of planning to finally find 3 nights in Bali without my teenagers and boy, was I glad I persevered.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali -

Where is Sideman?

Sideman is located in East Bali around 52.8 km from Bali Denpasar – Ngurah Rai International Airport. The journey takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on traffic. It’s East of Ubud and North of Sanur.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - for couples

What is Samnvaya?

Samanvaya is an adult-only luxury resort situated in Bali countryside Sidemen Valley, where the timeless grace of rice terraces and nature intertwine with Balinese culture.


What’s Samanvaya Luxury Resort accommodation like?

In the embrace of our romantic getaway, we found ourselves nestled in the luxurious expanse of Joglo, one of 18 enchanting villas adorned with opulence.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - private pool

Within this luxury villa, a majestic King bed reigns supreme, surrounded by the serenity of an open-plan living space. Soft day beds beckon for languid repose, while plush armchairs invite intimate conversations by the flickering glow of candlelight. A quaint dining table stands as a testament to shared meals and stolen glances.


But it was the grandeur of the bathroom that truly stole our breath away—a vast expanse adorned with a colossal stone bathtub, a marvel of craftsmanship and ingenuity.


I had to ask, how the heck did they move that giant rock tub into this bathroom? It was craned in before the walls went up.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - bathroom

Beyond the threshold, a sprawling balcony embraced us, offering panoramic rice field vistas that stretched to the majestic silhouette of Mount Agung, standing sentinel over our moments of stolen bliss.


And nestled on the left, a secluded oasis awaited us—a private pool, inviting us to lose ourselves in the cool embrace of its waters.


Each property had its own theme and special look. The Rice Barn also looked so unique that I wanted to peek through its round hobbit door and see the interior. I don’t think you go wrong with any room at Samanvaya.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - Rice barn

Check availability here.

What are Samanvaya grounds like?

Samanvaya Resort is built across multiple levels and is not finished yet. Currently, there are two infinity pools, a couple of small hot tubs (yes! Hot tubs in Bali and we used them!), and a Spa. And they are not done yet.

On talking to the lovely New Zealand owners they have plans to continue building a wellness centre and adding more rooms.


Does Samanvaya have an outdoor swimming pool?

Yes, many of the villas have private plunge pools, but there are also 2 gorgeous infinity pools. Our favorite was the one on the higher level with a stunning view of the rice fields and mountains.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - infinity pool

Does Samanvaya have a Spa?

Yes. The Ananda Spa is actually sought after even by those who don’t stay there. Ahmet and I enjoyed a beautiful traditional Balinese massage while there, and the highlight was choosing our massage oil.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - spa

Samanvaya has the most lush oils and bathroom products. We asked if they sold it because it smelled so divine.


What’s Samanvaya’s food like?

We made sure we were at Asri dining for breakfast every morning. Not only for the stunning views and natural green surroundings, but because of the hospitable staff, and the most delicious food.


They have a good variety of traditional Indonesian cuisine and Western dishes, and while my eggs benedict was a little under down, I’ve never had a yummier porridge than I did here. Porridge?

I know I know. But it was so rainy one day, and I was not feeling awesome so that porridge went down a treat with its candied walnuts and caramelized banana.


We also ordered room service for one night. The gnocchi was out of this world and we wished we had both ordered it since the pizza was average. Asri restaurant is open to outside guests.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - dinner

Ahmet had at least 6 virgin mojitos while we stayed at Samanvaya Bali.

Also, make sure you book a romantic dinner for two!

Is Samanvaya good for romance?

Samanvaya is the perfect spot for romance. Lovers will rejoice in the quiet lifestyle, the indulgence of isolation, and the opportunity to indulge in private swimming, sensual massages, and incredibly romantic dinners.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - adults only Bali luxury resort

What is the Romantic Dinner for two?

Our romantic dinner for two was held at a private dining table, away from other guests, up high looking out over Sideman.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - romantic dinner Bali

It was complete with floral petals scattered everywhere, including a heart shape on the floor, and as decoration on the tables. Plus, beautiful soft lighting is provided by several candle lanterns.


The dinner is 3 courses, which you choose at the beginning of your stay in readiness for your evening. Ahmet and I both have similar tastes in mains, except he was fish and mine was chicken. My apple crumble dessert was divine as was Ahmet’s mango mousse.

We were doted on by our very own waiter for the evening and he always made sure we had enough to drink and didn’t lack for anything.


Can I propose at Samanvaya?

I tell you what it is getting harder and harder for Ahmet to think of something special and romantic because Samanvaya makes the perfect proposal resort in Bali.

Should I honeymoon at Samanvaya?

Yes, you should honeymoon at Samanvarya. No doubt about it.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - Adults only Bali luxury resort

What is there to do at Samanvaya?

So you’re far from Seminyak, Kuta, and even Ubud what is there to do while at Samanvaya in Sideman?


I wrote a whole post on the best things to do in Sideman Bali, but let the resort help you. Samnavaya is a list of affordable experiences to help make your stay enjoyable and as busy or as non-busy as you like.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - Sideman scooter tour

We spent one day on a scooter tour of the picturesque Sidemen Valley, seeing local rice fields, witnessing mountain views, and swimming in waterfalls. It was the perfect morning activity to give us just enough movement in our stay, to then relax and chill by the infinity swimming pool for the rest of the day.


Would you visit Semanvaya again?

I would love to visit Samanvaya again. I hope to do so once their Wellness Retreat is finished. Because if the first half of the resort is anything to go by, the second half is going to blow my socks off.

Explore with Erin Wrap-Up

As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of pink and gold, we find ourselves reluctantly bidding farewell to the sanctuary of Samanvaya Resort in Sideman, Bali.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali -

A haven reserved exclusively for adults, it has been a journey of indulgence, tranquility, and reconnection. From the breathtaking vistas of Mount Agung to the whispered promises of romance in every corner, Samanvaya has woven a tapestry of unforgettable moments, leaving us yearning for just one more sunset, one more dip in the pool, one more taste of paradise.

Samanvaya Sideman Bali - pool

If you want to experience Bali like this, then Samanvaya Resort is beckoning you to lose yourself in its enchanting embrace.





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