Top Reasons People Love Durham

Charlotte and Raleigh are the most populous cities in North Carolina, so they often get the most attention and hype in the Tarheel state. Although Durham is slightly smaller, it is beloved by residents. There are certain features about the city that will more than justify you looking for apartments in Durham, NC.

There are many reasons why residents and tourists alike are crazy about Durham. So what makes Durham such a great city, and why do people fall in love with the area? Here are some of the top reasons why people absolutely love Durham.

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Higher Education

One of the main reasons why people love Durham is the amazing institutes of higher education in the area. Duke University, a very prestigious university, is located in Durham.

Additionally, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is located just outside the city, meaning that the area has multiple high-quality institutes. Both universities offer undergraduate and graduate programs for thousands of students. Due to their location, Durham is a full-blown college town that many residents enjoy.

Medical Industry

If there’s one thing that Durham is known for, it’s for being a huge player in the medical industry. In fact, sometimes Durham is even referred to as the “City of Medicine”. Both Duke University and North Carolina Central University have their own educational medical centers, fostering medical education in the area.

Additionally, the region is home to around three hundred medical and health-related companies, employing a major chunk of the local workforce. Many people love Durham for its high-quality healthcare, and health care professionals love the area due to the abundance of opportunities in the industry.

Parks and Gardens

When people think of moving to the city, they often think of a “concrete jungle” that restricts their access to nature. While this may be true in larger cities, that certainly isn’t the case in Durham. The city is surrounded by parks and gardens, providing residents with an escape from the busy city life.

Durham is also home to the American Tobacco Trail, an area that provides walkers and runners with 22 miles of paved greenway. For nature lovers, Durham is the perfect city to live in and offers the best of both city life and natural living.

Bars and Restaurants

To satisfy college students and the other residents that live in the area, Durham has had a wide variety of high-quality bars and restaurants open up in the area. The city has award-winning restaurants in many different types of food including seafood, Mexican, and Southern. Durham prides itself on its local eateries, even limiting the number of chain stores in the downtown area to make way for local restaurants.

Durham is also home to many exciting bars as well, providing a vibrant nightlife for the college students attending the local universities. If you like great food and drinks, then you’ll love living in Durham.


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