Forget Shame! We Gain Weight On Vacation Too

These people feel me.

They are honest and real and well, let’s face it, they enjoy all the food delights the world has to offer. They gain weight on vacation too.

If you identified with my last article on 20 Reason’s Why You Gain Weight On Holiday, then let these people ease your conscious.

You are not alone.

Gaining weight on vacation

But first, Deb from The Planet D. Deb has been travelling for a very long time, so sometimes her weight is up and sometimes it’s down. She features here and then again on our The Crazies Who Lose Weight. Perhaps you feel you do both as well?


The Planet D

It’s simple for me. On vacation, I gain weight because I eat too much and drink too much. I “take immersing in the culture” to the extreme tasting everything. I’ll order the richest most delicious food and make it a full three to five-course meal. And then I love ordering a bottle of wine with dinner and a glass of wine, prosecco, beer or whatever the local beverage is with my lunch. It’s fine to do this once in a while, but nearly every day for a week or two, is too much and my tummy feels it. But I admit, I enjoy every minute of it!

Alexandra Jimenez

Travel Fashion Girl

I weight gain on vacation because… eating the local food is one of the best parts about traveling. Food tours are also one of my very favorite things to do in a new country and I can never get enough street food!

Will Hatton

The Broke Backpacker

When I’m on the road, I tend to lose muscle mass as I’m not able to work out as much as normal. I do follow a calisthenics workout most days but heck; it just ain’t the same – booze, intermittent meals, sleepless nights and a lack of proper workout equipment all take their toll. If you are a fitness fanatic, then hitting the road can be tough as it’s pretty much impossible to keep ultra-fit. If you’re unfit then you will be in luck as chances are you will actually get fitter whilst travelling.

Rachel Jones

Hippie In Heels

I weight gain on vacation, unfortunately! I do love to surf and swim on holiday, but I’m not one for long walks or trekking and in general, do not work out. I live in India and my food here is quite limited, so when I travel a crazy demon takes over my brain and literally only thinks about food – specifically food I can’t get in India like BBQ pork, cheesy beef burgers, and westernized desserts. I go crazy while being a bit lazy which isn’t a good combo! As a travel blogger, it’s not one I see beating any time soon but I do have it on my to-do list to start thinking about this more often and be a little more conscious that just because I’m outside India doesn’t mean I have to eat EVERYTHING.

Hofit Kim Cohen

Vanilla Sky Dreaming

On vacation, I normally tend to gain weight. Being a strict vegetarian for over 24 years and recently becoming allergic to dairy, actually, makes me gain weight when I travel the world. When I’m at home, I have more control over what I eat and I eat pretty healthily. When I travel, in many cases my food options are much smaller, depending on where I travel to. Not all, but many countries don’t really cater to the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. I personally found it the hardest while traveling to Iceland and Japan. In those cases, I normally go with the safest options which would be carbs because I know that bread, pizza, and pasta won’t have meat in it, which alternatively makes me gain weight.

Ice cream on vacation


Global Help Swap

We weight gain on vacation because we are foodies and want to try as much local food as possible. It’s good for meeting people but bad for the belly! Paul

Barbara Wagner

Jet Settera

I gain weight on vacation or stay the same because I eat irregularly and I eat out and airports all the time and the food is not great quality.

Inma Gregorio

A World To Travel

On vacation, I usually put on a couple of kg. It is difficult to find healthy food choices in some places and you end up consuming way too many carbohydrates. Plus let’s just not talk about food oriented trips lol. Those can make you gain 5kg in a couple of weeks easily!

Melody Pittman

Wherever I May Roam Blog

I have weighed the same for pretty much 20 years of my life, so imagine my surprise when I visited Texas for 2 weeks during a travel conference and came home 8 pounds heavier than normal. I don’t have 8 pounds of room to spare so it was especially frightening for me. Then, thinking back, I remembered those juicy steaks, creamy pies, honkin’ big burgers, deep-fried appetizers, Tex-Mex awesomeness, and I suddenly felt ill at having eaten my way around the Lone Star State. Has this happened to you? As for losing weight, perhaps while cruising, but that would be it. I am a big fan of quality food, not quantity, so cruising has the reverse effect on me that it does most who overindulge on the high seas.

Victoria J. Yore

Follow me Away

On most vacations, I tend to gain weight because I have IBS and my digestion system is very fragile. This means that I must be careful what and how much I eat and all of this, unfortunately, gets messed up when traveling as I must be up earlier than normal and eat more because I am more active. I tend to lose weight when I am on a cruise though due to a ton of walking around even though the food is very rich!

Freakshake on vacation

Liza Skripka


I weight gain on vacation, because I start eating way more than I usually eat. I don’t really feel guilty because I’m “on vacation” and without tasty food, I can’t really enjoy it. Especially, if I’m staying in all-inclusive hotels – that’s a total nightmare for my diet, but in the end, that only happens a couple of times per year, so once I get back home, I start exercising a lot.


Tara Lets Anywhere

On vacation, I gain weight because I like to try out local cuisines and especially buy fresh seafood! In many communities in the Philippines, seafood is cheap and you can often buy them from fisherman early in the mornings. I’ve had lobsters for $1 each, a basket of around 50 scallops for $1, a bag of large prawns for $7. Local guides are happy to cook them or assist you. It’s always a seafood fiest.

Claire Martin

Claires Footsteps

On vacation I gain weight because I don’t get anywhere near as much exercise as when I’m in a routine at home and became I always seem to be on a vacation budget, my diet sadly often exists of bread and noodles. It’s hard being a backpacker, eh?

Marianne Rogerson

Mum on the Move

I weight gain on vacation because one of my favourite things about traveling is sampling the local food and I don’t like to miss out on anything so I usually got a few snacks between meals. Or maybe it’s because I can’t resist a happy hour mojito or two!

Shandos Cleaver

Travel Nuity

On vacation, I gain weight if there’s a hotel buffet breakfast involved. How can anyone say no to so much delicious food? And of course I intend to skip lunch, but there’s often so much delicious local cuisine to be sampled. Plus, ice creams!

Leave me a comment below. Do you gain weight while on vacation?


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  • Fitness Diet

    Thank you for sharing such a great informative information it’s very helpful and useful for me.

  • fitnesshealthforever

    This is an informative post. Got a lot of information and details from here. Thank you for sharing this and looking forward to reading more of your post.

  • Cindy Miegel

    When we travel, I always gain weight. Between the calories and sodium, we
    don’t stand a chance. If I am careful and stay away from white foods, excessive sugar and desserts, I typically gain 2-3 lbs which drops off within a week. But, when we’re gone for a month and this travel incudes foodie tours, my weight can go up as much as 10 lbs. Our last trip, my clothes became uncomfortable which is an ugly situation. As soon as we return home, we’re back to eating lean and green until our next trip.

  • Glenda Cates

    I wish I could say I gain weight because I travel but that isn’t the case. I gain weight because I am lazy and don’t eat the right foods and I also don’t exercise the way I should. So I YoYo as I go up and down. Which needs to stop…

  • Doug

    yep, cruise ship food is pretty good. The first week is the worst. By the second week I have tasted everything and start eating less because I cannot find something different. The bigger the ship, the more walking you have to do between the theatre and the dining room.
    Then there are the excursions. Bus trips don’t help, walking tours are better depending on how long the bus trip is to get to the walking part.
    And I can gain weight by blogging all day instead of going for a walk.
    Zumba anyone?
    Blog on!

  • Reply

    I would say generally my weight has stayed pretty consistent while traveling because I do an insane amount of walking. My weight did not skyrocket until I started traveling less; I do a lot less walking now that I am back hom!

    • Sadie Kay

      Same! 9 hrs at a desk can’t compare to the exploration mileage.

      I spent 5 weeks in August in Tokyo, which meant alternating between vending machine dove ice cream bars and ice green tea every few blocks, heat swelling vs walking for hours every day, craving salty foods but eating lots of lean fish and vegetables. I was pretty shocked to come back the same weight.

      Generally in hot climates I gain salt/heat weight but only takes a few days of chugging water and cooler Seattle temps to regain equilibrium.

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