Problogger: 5 Advanced Techniques I Use To Make Money On My Blog

Problogger feature.

After running a very successful blog previously, I was asked to share some secrets with Problogger. Problogger is where bloggers worldwide go for advice and information on enhancing their blog’s presence.

You can read the whole article here:
5 Advanced Techniques I Use To Make Money On My Blog

Problogger Problogger: Darren Rowse


You can make money from your blog. Gasp!

Today I want to share with you a taste of the wealth and knowledge I’ve gained.

So buckle up. This is one ride you are going to want to bookmark.

The starting point to monetizing your blog is your audience. Few people will give you money just because you’re awesome (wouldn’t that be cool!). They will do it because you have a decent sized (and relevant) audience and you know how to wield your influence. So once you have built your followers on social media, newsletters subscribers and regular visitors, how do you turn those into an income stream month after month? Tips from a professional travel blogger. 

1. Content Creation: When A Brand Asks You To Write For Them

2. Photography: Offering A Brand Your Images

3. Product Reviews: When A Brand Wants You To Be Honest

4. Competitions: When A Brand Wants To Give Stuff Away

5. Brand Ambassador: When Long Term Relationships Take The Next Step

Read the whole article here: 5 Advanced Techniques I Use To Make Money On My Blog. 

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