Why Spending Time With Animals Is Essential For Digital Nomads

Digital nomads, by definition, are nomadic. That means they jump from one location to the next, abandoning old connections, and making new ones. 

Unfortunately, despite the use of the word “nomadic,” this lifestyle is very different from so-called nomadic tribes in places like Namibia and Mongolia. That’s because traditional people travel together, while digital nomads are almost always solo. 

That’s where spending time with animals can help. Being able to form connections with other living beings is an important part of life. 

Of course, some rare digital nomads come into contact with animals as part of their job. Equestrian bloggers might have to visit real horses (and owners) to write a guide to using Ice Vibe boots, for example.

However, the reality for most nomads is that they need to go out of their way to come into contact with animals. Fortunately, the benefits of doing so are extraordinary. Here’s why more people are doing it. 

It Boosts Your Mood

Being around animals seems to automatically boost mood. People who spend time around cats, dogs, and even fish, seem happier on average, particularly if they live alone. 

The reason for this is that cuddling up to animals boosts oxytocin, a hormone associated with feeling good. Petting dogs, for example, can be an excellent way to fight loneliness. Therefore, if you’re on your own, having a temporary travel companion can help significantly. 

It Encourages You To Be Active

Another reason for spending time with animals as a digital nomad is that it keeps you active. Everyone knows that sitting in front of the computer all day is a poor lifestyle choice. However, when you have a pet, it encourages you to get up and go out of the house (or wherever you are staying). 

Furthermore, pets can even get you into the habit of moving more. Animals have a unique ability to encourage you to get off the couch every day. After a couple of months of it, you will come to expect movement and activity, just like they do. 

It Improves Focus

Surprisingly, having an animal around as a digital nomad can also improve focus. That means you can get more work done and not feel so exhausted all the time. 

Animals are good at improving focus because they give you a sense of peace and serenity. You are much more likely to feel happy if you have a dog around than, say, if you are by yourself. 

As a digital nomad, you probably know the feeling when you are struggling to concentrate. All you want to do is check Facebook or fall asleep. However, evidence suggests that pets might be able to prevent this. 

It Opens Doors To New Experiences

Finally, while life as a digital nomad can be freeing, it also denies you some opportunities. That’s where having a pet can help. Animals are conversation-starters, introducing you to all sorts of new people who wouldn’t speak to you otherwise. You can also get involved in pet communities and so on. 


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