What’s Included In A Walking Holiday

Step forward several weeks and you could be going away on your first Walking holiday in Madeira. Walking holidays are so much fun and once you have been on one, we are sure you will want to book another.

Your mental health will benefit hugely from going on a walking holiday and so will your physical health – your heart and all your muscles will be getting a workout! You’ll love seeing the wonderful views and you’ll be able to tick a few countries off your visited list (depending on where you are going and how long you are going for).

So what is included in a walking holiday? Depending on the provider will depend on what is included, however, in this article, we look more into what Orbis Way’s include in their packages.


A major benefit of booking a package walking holiday is that your accommodation will be included. This will take a massive weight off your back and it makes the whole experience less stressful. The places you are staying in will all offer private bathrooms and prioritise comfort. The name of each accommodation will be provided to you a few weeks before your trip begins.


When you arrive at the airport of your chosen walking holiday destination, your transfers will often be included. This transfer will take you to your first accommodations where you can unpack and get prepared for your adventure. When you have finished your walking holiday, a transfer back to the airport is also included.

Breakfasts and Evening Meals

You can’t effectively complete your hike without being fuelled properly. This is why breakfast will be included throughout the trip. Depending on the package you have booked, it is likely to include a selection of evening meals or all your evening meals. You will be able to find this out by reading the description of the trip you would like to book.

24-hour telephone support

It’s important that you feel supported throughout your whole adventure and that you can relax knowing they are there to help you should something go wrong (which we hope it doesn’t). 24-hour telephone support is available on all trips, giving you peace of mind that you can call at any time should you require help.


Above are four different things that are often included in a walking holiday. When researching, you may find they also include a few other things, which is why you must do your research. Additional extras that you will need to consider are travel insurance, cancellation insurance and any extra nights. You should never go away to any country without having travel insurance or cancellation insurance. There are many online providers who will be able to provide you with quotes for your insurance.

Have you been on a walking holiday before and if so, what one have you been on? Do you have a walking holiday booked which is approaching? Is there something that is always included that we haven’t included in our guide? Let us know in the comment box below.


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