Best Tips For Waterbom Bali’s Newest Slides

As we were abruptly spat out by the Python, a thrilling waterslide, into the shimmering blue pool, our expressions of amazement quickly turned into contagious laughter.

It dawned on us that we might have just experienced one of the greatest water slides in the world, and we were able to do it as a family.

I am not sure how many times we have been to Waterbom, but it never gets old. The first time would have been over a decade ago, back in 1999, and most recently in January 2015.

Since our last visit in 2012, there have been substantial changes in the park over the last three years, transforming it from one of our favorite waterparks to the best in Asia (TripAdvisor).

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New Waterbom Bali Waterslides

3 slides have been torn down to make room for 4 newer, faster, and taller slides which will open in the first half of 2015.

Say goodbye to Smash Down, Race Track, and the Boogie Ride.


Also in 2015, Waterbom Bali opened the first Flow Rider (stationary wave pool) in Bali. Yay! Not that I am any good at those.

While we were in Bali we took the chance to try the new slides that have been launched since our last visit.

The Python

This was a family favorite and is one of the widest waterslides in the world (with segments up to 6 meters in diameter). 3 to 4 people ride in a circular tube through a twisting, funky yellow-and-pink slide to splash down in a shallow pool. Lots of screams of delight on this one.


Green Vipers

This slide utilizes the latest generation of fiberglass materials. The Green Vipers starts at a huge height of 19.62 meters in the air and has a silky smooth ride on the way down!


The Constrictor is the longest “snake” slide in the world at ¼ kilometer in length. It even felt that way on the way down.


Taking inspiration from both the Green Viper and The Climax, Pipeline offers a thrilling ride in a fiberglass pipe with tight twists and smooth speed. This ride starts 20 meters above the ground and lasts for approximately 10 to 13 seconds as riders soar through the 150-meter tube.

While waiting at the tower, visitors can also take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the Kuta skyline and the lush gardens of Waterbom.


My Favourite Slides

I’m a big fan of the Boomerang and the Lazy River.


My kids still love the Kids Zone and can brave it alone now.

One ride I can’t stand is the Climax. It’s terrifying! Standing in a tight capsule will prey on anyone’s claustrophobia, but when the floor is released from underneath you. Don’t forget to breathe!


Waterbom Bali Is More Than Just Slides

Waterbom is so much more than just slides.  It’s best described as a refreshing oasis in the middle of the hectic, muggy Kuta. 68% of Waterbom is garden.

3.8 hectares of landscaped gorgeous, tropical gardens with dainty flowers, grassed areas, and plenty of shade to relax under.


The food court area has also been upgraded with a selection of international cuisines from Mexican to Japanese to Indonesian. My kids’ favorite snack was corn on the cob, while mine was the brand-new and simply divine, fried bananas.

I can’t wait for the kids to be a bit older so I can make use of the swim-up bar!


You’ll also be pleased to know that Waterbom Bali recycles 3,600m3 of water each day. It also claims to use an advanced salt chlorination water sanitizing process that is gentle on the environment and your skin. I’ve always had sensitive skin, but have never had any irritation or sickness after a day at Waterbom Bali.

The waterslides at Waterbom Bali are all built and maintained to strict international safety standards, so we didn’t feel concerned for our well-being, unlike several other places we’ve visited in Bali.

Best 6 Tips For A Visit To Waterbom Bali

Go Cashless

The park offers a hassle-free cashless payment system for various services, including food, drinks, photos, and additional amenities such as nail painting, massage, or on-the-spot portraits.

Upon entering the park, you will receive a Splash Band that stores credit information, allowing you to make transactions throughout the day with ease. To ensure you don’t run out of credit, stations for recharging your band or checking the balance are conveniently located throughout the park.

I’d recommend depositing around US$50 on your band, but rest assured that any unspent funds will be refunded as you exit the park at the end of the day.

It just makes sense!



You can’t have it on slides, and no point in testing the locker system. For your peace of mind leave your jewelry at home. Also, make sure your swimsuit doesn’t have any metal pieces on it. Consider a rashie swimsuit to stay protected in the sun! 


You can hire towels for a small fee, but you probably won’t need them. In the tropical Bali sunshine, I have never needed a towel, as I am usually dry on the walk from the slides to the lounge chairs.

Come Early

The gazebos sell out early, so come early if you are interested in grabbing one. We arrived an hour after opening and they were sold out!

Leave Late

Most visitors start disappearing after 3 pm, so save the busiest slides until late afternoon. The lines are minimal and you can ride again and again… if you are still climbing the stairs by then.

Got Kids?

If you’re bringing children there are lockers by the Funtastic kid’s water playground, skip the ones at the entrance. Our biggest tip is to use these lockers and save a chair nearby so when you are exhausted by the fun, the kids can still go water crazy while you keep an eye on them.


When was your last visit to Waterbom Bali?

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