How to Turn your Favourite Travel Place into Wall Art

It is effortless and fun to turn your travel memories into beautiful home décor. With some family portraits and pictures related to visiting your favorite place, let the walls showcase your life’s best moments.

There are numerous options or styles to decorate each corner of your home, from canvas prints to photo tiles. By transforming your favorite place into wall art, you can enjoy and feel somewhere else. 

The below is the step-by-step guide for creating wall art from your favorite travel place:

Visualize or Plan Wall Art

While designing wall art, it would be best to decide where you want to showcase it and the number of prints. Then, try to plan the proper layout. Thoughtfully select the picture.

Choose the best travel picture if you want to showcase the oversized wall art piece of your favorite destination. However, if you are going to create a gallery of travel memories, pick multiple images.

Look at the entire home carefully and visualize where you can add your holiday art pieces. The following are some most popular areas where you can hang the holiday prints:

  • Living room
  • Above the fireplace
  • Kitchen
  • Basement
  • Home-office
  • Staircase or hallway

Instead of hanging art pieces, you can display them on an open shelf, dresser, or working desk too. Look for different and unique places to showcase your memories of your favorite place.

Estimate the Size and Number of Pieces

Check the dimensions of a wall where you want to hang wall art. To have the best results, follow this simple trick. First, cut some cardboard or newspaper pieces matching standard wall art sizes.

Then, add those pieces with painter’s tape on a wall to get an idea of how your art pieces will look. For instance, measure the appropriate size if you plan to showcase the travel wall art above the fireplace.

Decide the number of pieces you want to display. The ultimate goal is to fill the blank space without overdoing it.

Choose Style of Wall Art

The best thing about creating an art piece is that you can personalize it based on your style and the room theme. You can either pick some traditional options like framed pictures or modern choices such as metal artwork.

The following are some popular artwork styles:

Canvas Prints

You can transform travel pictures into stunning wall art by printing them on canvas of different shapes or sizes. You can also design a set of canvases from holiday pictures.

Framed Art Pieces

When you add the travel pictures into classic or modern frames, it will result in stunning wall art. There are different frames available online or in the market, for example, wooden, metal, or glass frames.

Metal Prints

Opt for something modern or sleek, like metal prints of holiday memories. Select one or more images for high-definition pieces.

Photo Tiles

Create a family gallery wall by designing photo tiles with travel images. Make sure that they are movable from one place to another.

Wooden Art

Enhance the travel images with natural wood-grain texture. It will give a unique art piece with a lot of character and depth.

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints are one of the best ways to elevate and brighten the room. You can find them in several sizes with high-definition to create a photo wall.

It is not necessary to pick all art pieces of the same style. Infact, mix and match styles to create a visual appeal.

Select Photos of Favorite Place & Upload Them

Choosing the right images is equally important as selecting the size or style for wall art. Opt for pictures with high resolution and select photos of your favorite place that show your joy.

Add Cheerful Words 

While customizing wall art, select different backgrounds, styles, designs, quotations, or words to enhance the picture display. For example, when you click pictures on thanksgiving, inscribe those images with wordings such as “Thanksgiving 2020” or include lyrics you played that day.

If you are not interested in words, you can let the pictures stand alone without any embellishments to give a classic feel.

Order an Art Piece

Order the art pieces with the sizes, styles, and pictures you have decided to fill blank spaces in the home. Then, enjoy the holidays by creating a cozy home with customized art pieces.

Hang Wall Art

Once the art piece arrives at your place, you might want to hang it on the wall immediately. But while displaying, always consider the type of wall art you have. For example, you will need nails to hang canvases, metal prints, or wooden ones.

If you want to display photo tiles, simply tape them at the designated place.

Final Thoughts

Wall art created from pictures of your favorite places is a great way to decorate the home. Even single wall art can add joy, color, and character to your room.


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