Mastering the Art of Staying Warm on your Camping Adventure

Are you ready to plan an exciting camping trip with the family? Camping is a fantastic adventure that helps you stay away from urban stress while reconnecting with nature.

Whether you’re venturing into the serene mountains, exploring dense forests, or setting up camp by a tranquil lakeside, camping remains a deeply appealing activity that provides a temporary escape from our fast-paced modern life. 

However, one thing that camping can’t do is bring you all the comfort of urban life. When you go camping, you appreciate that you will not be sleeping between four brick walls. While this may feel liberating, there are also significant issues that come with sleeping under a tent.

You have no control over the temperature. This means that when nights or days feel a little chilly, you can’t just shut the window and rely on central heating to keep you cozy. Being cold can be not only unpleasant, but it can completely ruin your camping experience if you are someone who struggles to regulate their body temperature.

Essentially some people naturally tend to feel colder than others, so you want to stay comfortable while camping and keep the cold at bay. 

Pack jumpers and socks

You may be planning to go camping during summertime, but it doesn’t mean that the nights aren’t going to be cool. In fact, as daylight fades, the cold evening breeze can sweep in and make you shiver. This is especially true when you choose to spend your holiday outdoors.

Whether camping or hiking, outdoor adventurers need to pack extra clothes with them. This will allow you to layer up and ensure a restful night’s sleep. So, even though it may be the summer season, you still want to plan warm clothes such as sweaters, proper temperature regulating socks, and even a beanie. 

You may also want to add thermal underwear and vests for the nighttime. In an ideal world, you may not even need to wear that many layers. But in the event where the nights do get a lot colder, packing these extra clothes will make all the difference for your comfort! 

Invest in quality sleeping bags

Are you new to camping? If this is the case, we advise you to take the time to compare and research sleeping bags. There is no such thing as a sleeping bag that is fit for all weather.

Sleeping bags come with temperature ratings, which means you want to select the right bag for the right environment. To put things simply, you may not need the same level of warmth if you go camping in summer time or during a cooler season. 

As such, it is worth understanding not only the temperature ratings and your sleeping needs. If you tend to always sleep with a duvet throughout the year, even during summer nights, you want a sleeping bag that can boost warmth. Semi-rectangular and mummy sleeping bags are the best shapes to keep you warm. 

Consider bringing a heater

Can you use a heater when you are camping? The answer is yes. There are plenty of good tent heaters for camping that will make your outdoor adventure more comfortable.

That being said, it is worth mentioning that choosing a tent heater will also need to include further considerations to keep yourself and your family safe. For instance, you want to ensure there can be proper ventilation when the heater is on.

You also want to understand the best placement for your heater, not only in terms of stability, but also because it needs to be away from flammable materials.

Lastly, you want to focus on heaters that are specifically designed for the purpose of camping use. You should not bring any portable heater from your home without ensuring first it can be used inside a tent!

Essential warmth through drinks and food

This may sound silly, but consuming warm meals and beverages can also play a huge role in keeping your body temperature elevated. So, if you haven’t sorted out a portable stove or a fire area for your camping trip, this is your sign to do so.

There is nothing more comforting than holding a warm mug of coffee or hot chocolate as the night slowly falls. Similarly, planning hot meals, even if they are simple such as using tinned food that can be easily heated on a portable stove, will make a great deal of difference.

There is an element of psychological comfort, but this can significantly affect how your body perceives the surrounding temperature. So, you do want to pack all the essentials for a warm meal, including canned food, coffee or cocoa powder, and UHT milk or similar.  

It’s time to banish cold camping nights and make the absolute most of your camping trip. Stay safe, stay warm and have fun! 


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