5 Great Things To Do Around Cebu 

Cebu is an idyllic island in the Philippines’ Central Visayas region with a capital city of the same name. It is renowned for its white sand beaches, pristine blue waters, and hospitable people. There are myriad things to do on the island and there it’s easy to find a great Cebu package tour as well. 

Here are some of the best things to do in and around Cebu for tourists:

1. Ocean Adventures in Mactan 

Mactan is the location of the regional airport and is connected by a bridge to Cebu City. It’s also famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. But there’s more to this island paradise than just lying on the beach and soaking up the sun. Here you can soar through the sky on a parasailing adventure, feel the wind in your face as you zip around on a jet ski, or enjoy a leisurely ride on a banana boat – all while taking in the stunning views of the island.

No matter how you choose to spend your time on Mactan, you’re sure to have a vacation that you’ll never forget.

Image credit: Edwardsreams via Wikimedia

2. Canyoneering To Kawasan Falls 

Canyoneering to Kawasan Falls is one of the most exhilarating and memorable experiences on Cebu. The journey takes you through some of the most stunning scenery that the island has to offer, and the payoff at the end is an unforgettable experience.

Kawasan Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines, and it is well worth the hike to get there. Situated in the heart of the island, this towering cascade of water is a must-see for any nature lover. The journey to Kawasan Falls is an adventure in itself, and it is an experience that you will never forget.

To get there, visitors must first embark on a challenging canyoneering adventure. The journey is not for the faint of heart, but those who brave the journey are rewarded with stunning views of the waterfall and the surrounding jungle.

The first step in canyoneering to Kawasan Falls is to make your way to the starting point in the town of Badian. From there, you’ll begin your descent into the canyon, following the river as it winds its way through the rocky terrain.

Image credit: Shemlongakit via Wikimedia

3. Island Hopping 

With thousands of pristine tropical islands scattered across the South China Sea, Pacific Ocean, Sulu, and Celebes Seas, island hopping is one of the most popular activities in the Philippines. The clear turquoise waters and beautiful coral reefs make the islands around Cebu ideal for day trips. There are many different islands to visit, each with its own unique charm.

If you’re looking for a relaxing beach day, White Beach on Panglao is a perfect choice. This small island is known for its serene atmosphere and stunning natural beauty and has some excellent restaurants, and bars for tourists along White Beach, making it perfect for a day of relaxation and fun.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, then head to Pescador Island. This island is known for its world-class snorkeling and scuba diving. You can find numerous snorkel and dive sites here with a variety of sea fauna including reef sharks. 

Serious divers will want to take the short boat ride to Malapascua to be treated to an up-close encounter with one of the ocean’s most beautiful and feared predators: the thresher shark. These massive sharks can grow up to 20 feet in length and are known for their distinctive long tails, which they use to herd their prey. Diving with thresher sharks is an unforgettable experience and one that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for these amazing creatures of the sea.

No matter what your plans are, Cebu is sure to have a nearby island that’s perfect. 

Image credit: XpatMatt

4. Cebu City Historical Tour 

Cebu City is one of the most historic cities in the Philippines. Founded in 1565, it is the country’s first capital and first Spanish settlement. Today, the city is a bustling metropolis, but its rich history is still evident in its many landmarks and attractions.

A tour of Cebu City is a must for any visitor to the Philippines. Start your tour at Fort San Pedro, the oldest Spanish fort in the country. Then, head to the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, the oldest church in the Philippines. For a view of the city from above, take a sky adventure at the Crown Regency in central Cebu.

Image credit: Raschid Salting via Wikimedia

5. Lechon Lunch

When in Cebu City, one simply cannot miss out on the succulent lechon. This traditional roasted pork dish is a staple in Filipino cuisine, and Cebu City is renowned for having some of the best lechon in the country. The lechon is slowly roasted over an open fire, basted with a secret marinade, and served with a special dipping sauce – all of which combine to create a truly heavenly experience for the taste buds. For suggestions you can check out this list of fantastic lechon restaurants.

Image credit: RightCowLeftCoast via Wikimedia


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