Do You Need Help Breaking Your Bad Habits?

Bad habits are often not easy to break – especially those that have turned into addictions. Many of us struggle to find the self-motivation to quit these habits. This is when it can be worth seeking help from other people.

The motivation of others can be what many of us need to give us that push to quit. Below are just a few different ways in which you can break bad habits with the help of others. 

Get support from friends and family

Know a friend who also smokes and who has been trying to quit? Or perhaps a fellow family member is as unhealthily hooked on social media as you? Breaking your bad habit together can allow you to both support one another through the process.

Alternatively, you can ask friends and family to help assist you in breaking your habit by keeping you away from triggers and temptations. This could include not meeting up at the bar if you’re trying to drink less or getting rid of sugary snacks in the house if you’re consuming too much sugar.

Consider hiring a therapist

Therapists can help people to break all kinds of addictions and bad habits – whether they’re mild or severe. They can teach you psychological tricks to help avoid temptations and help you adopt new replacement habits.

It is not just alcoholism and drug abuse that you can see a therapist for – there are therapists that can help with tech addiction, eating disorders, anger issues and even nail biting. This includes in-person and virtual therapists.

Travel abroad

Get out of your comfort zone. Get away from your routine. Breaking away from those bad habits and being inaudated with new experiences and new ways of doing things is a great way to really snap out of it. All of us need a change of scenery sometimes and all it can really take is a new routine to make the old ones obsolute.

Look into other forms of professional support

There are more intensive levels of therapy that you can look into if you feel they are needed. For example, many heavy drinkers find that rehab for alcohol does wonders by forcing them to get away from temptations and providing close support.

There are also certain habits which may not require therapy at all, but the support of other professionals. For example, you can book a driving instructor to help iron out certain bad driving habits, or a public speaking coach to help overcome certain bad habits you make when giving speeches. 

Participate in online forums

Online forums can also allow you to connect with others struggling to beat the same habit as you. The advantage of forums is that they can provide anonymity, which could make it easier to open up about certain personal issues. It’s worth using moderated forums on sites that are dedicated to providing support.

Join support groups

Support groups are a great way to connect with fellow people who may be trying to break the same habit as you. This includes alcohol addiction support groups, smoking support groups and eating disorder support groups.

Try looking online to see if there are any support groups in your area and try tagging along for a meeting. Even if you don’t feel comfortable contributing anything in the first meeting, it could be good to hear other people’s stories and connect with people. 


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