6 Destinations In Italy You Never Thought To Go

So you’ve already visited the Colosseum in Rome and the multiple other Museums in Rome. You’ve seen the Uffizi in Florence and all the beautiful Museums in Florence. You’ve seen the Blue Grotto in Capri and the ruins of Pompeii. You’ve taken in the canals of Venice, (before the city sinks) and traveled the treacherous Mediterranean Coast.

The good news is that Italy overflows with charming sights, so you’ve hardly scratched the surface of worthy attractions! Here are six ideas to get you off the usual tourist trail and into the heart of Italian life.

1. Lucca

Located near cultural hotspots like Florence and Pisa, it’s perhaps no wonder that Lucca is often overlooked. However, this would be a mistake because this Tuscan town offers a laid-back pace of life, pedestrian-friendly streets, and historic city architecture. Take a stroll along the medieval city walls, which house a walking and cycling path giving way to views over the Tuscan countryside.

2. Cingoli

Nestled in the heart of the gorgeous Marche region, the hilltop village of Cingoli is a prime spot for admiring the panoramic views. Have a wander through the well-preserved old town, stride around ancient walls, and take in the sunset from a stone terrace. You can also use this as your base for exploring the nature trails and scenery of the Marche countryside.

3. Otranto

Are you more in the mood for a seaside getaway? Head to Otranto, a former fishing village in the Puglia region. You’ll find sandy beaches nearby, framed by the warm waters of the Adriatic without the tourist throngs of nearby Bari. Visit the town’s 11th-century cathedral, or tuck into a fresh seafood dish and Negroamaro wine.

4. Lake Resia

After you’ve given Lake Como a visit, you might want to consider a trip to the lesser-known but equally beautiful Lake Resia. Tucked into Northern Italy in the Trentino-Alto Adige region, this mountain lake is a manmade reservoir built over the village of Graun. You can still see the village’s Romanesque bell tower emerging from the lake’s center! Find out holiday villas in Italy to stay and enjoy the scenery – it’s hard to beat a lakeside view, and there’s true magic in winter when the lake freezes over.

5. San Fruttuoso

Portofino is quite well-known, but it has a few secrets you may not have seen. This famous fishing village is near the Monte di Portofino Regional Park, which leads to the mysterious Abbey of San Fruttuoso. Delve beneath the depths of the bay here to see its hidden underwater statue, Christ of the Abyss.

6. Sardinia

If you fancy a side journey to an Italian island, Sardinia is filled with secluded beaches and one-of-a-kind cafes framed by its seaside landscapes. A highlight of the unique attractions here is the Red Rocks at Ogliastra, jutting out from the blue-green water to give you the perfect photo op.

From manmade lakes to underwater artwork, there are plenty of hidden quirks to Italy that are waiting to be discovered by tourists. Get out into its lesser-known regions to uncover new layers to this dynamic country’s charm!


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  • Ovidijus L.

    Hey Erin, love the work!

    As I understood you were in all of these places, can you distinguish your favorite so I could put it on my bucket list? 😛

    • Erin Holmes

      Oh gee, I didn’t write this post so I couldn’t see. BUt for me Capri is a winner in Italy!

  • Lesley

    I love Lucca too! We rented bikes and rode around the city wall on a hot July day – it was great. It’s such a beautiful little city. I’ll definitely be visiting some of your other suggested places in Italy on my next visit.

    • Erin

      I have so much more to come. Stay turned Lesley! 😀

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