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15 Destinations to See Before They Disappear

After the loss of the famous Azure Window in Malta last year, I decided to make a bucket list of all the disappearing destinations and places I needed to see before they completely vanish.

Thinking of doing the same? Then let me get you off to a head start with my disappearing destinations checklist below.

Great Barrier Reef

Where: Australia

When: Within the next 40 years

Rising ocean temperatures, water pollution, fishing, all of these things are causing erosion to the largest coral reef in the world. We got to snorkel it earlier this year. You need to go too!

15 Destinations to See Before They Disappear - Great Barrier Reef.

Taj Mahal

Where: Agra, India

When: Within the next five years

The 17th-century mausoleum is eroding. Air pollution, shoddy restoration, population explosion, and some three million visitors a year have been impacting the once elaborate and beautiful UNESCO site. Suggestions have been to close it and renovate it.

City of Venice

Where: Venice, Italy

When: May well be underwater by 2100

The water canals of Italy’s Venice may soon sink from global warming. Building foundations are being compromised and it seems the whole city is sinking.

Easter Island’s History

Where: Chile

When: Soon

It’s Easter Island’s fading culture that may be its demise. Tourism is infiltrating and consideration is being given to possible permits to see the islands’ giant heads.


Where: Antarctica

When: A while yet

It may be a while yet, but according to NASA, Antarctica is thawing.

Ancient Petra

Where: Jordan

When: At anytime

Having been once you cannot miss this amazing attraction. The World Monuments Fund notes that it faces both natural and human threats. E.g. Earthquakes, mass tourism, and flash floods.

15 Destinations to See Before They Disappear - Petra

Machu Picchu


When: Anytime

Disrespectful tourists are climbing over fragile ruins, meaning the city may crumble under our very feet. The mass tourism is having a very harmful impact.

Glacier National Park

Where: United States of America

When: By 2030

Scientists believe these glaciers may disappear in the next few decades from climate change.

Everglades, Florida

Where: United States of America

When: Soon

The Everglades is half the size it use to be, because of urban development, intensive agricultural farming, and water diversion.

Dead Sea

Where: Israel and Jordan

When: Within the next 40 years

When I visited it was so sad to see the Dead Sea. You can literally see the original lifeguard stands, miles from the sea. It started 50 years ago when border countries began diverting water. If they don’t stop or something is not done, it won’t be long before it will be completely gone

15 Destinations to See Before They Disappear - Dead Sea


Where: United States of America

When: A while yet

Alaska is warming more than twice as quickly as the rest of the country, jeopardizing its famous glaciers and frozen tundras. The rising sea levels are also eroding the ground.

The Amazon

Where: Brazil

When: Soon

Deforestation continues to destroy the world’s biggest forest. It’s believed that if trends continue, more than a quarter of the region will soon be tree-less.

The Maldives

Where: Maldives

When: 100 years

1,190 islands sit five feet above sea level and as a result of climate change, those sea levels are rising. Which means these pristine beaches and luxury resorts may all soon be under water.

Galapagos Islands

Where: Ecuador

When: Soon

Pollution, climate change, even cats and dogs (an introduced species) may see this volcanic archipelago lose its incredible and famous wildlife.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Where: Tanzania

When: Sometime in the future

This famous mountain is being affected by global warming.


Read the whole article here: 15 Destinations to See Before They Disappear.



15 Destinations to See Before They Disappear - Pin this to start your checklist to those destinations that are disappearing - Venice, Petra, Dead Sea and more.   15 Destinations to See Before They Disappear - Pin this to start your checklist to those destinations that are disappearing - Venice, Petra, Dead Sea and more.


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