Tips to Blending In When Visiting Dubai

Dubai, known for its luxury, innovation and cultural diversity is an international tourist hub that draws millions of visitors each year from around the globe.

Yet beneath its skyscrapers and luxurious malls lies a deep cultural legacy, and travelers keen on fitting in rather than standing out need to understand local customs carefully in order to blend in instead of standing out. 

Dress Appropriately

One of the first steps toward fitting in with Dubai culture is dressing appropriately. While Dubai tends to be more liberal than some other cities, it is still important to show respect and dress accordingly.

When dressing appropriately in Dubai it’s best to select clothing which balances comfort with modesty: 

For Women:

  • When visiting mosques or cultural sites: Long sleeves, trousers or skirts that cover your knees and a scarf to cover your hair are appropriate attire. 
  • On casual outings: Maxi dresses, loose trousers and blouses covering shoulders and cleavage should suffice.

For Men: 

  • When visiting mosques or cultural sites: Long trousers and a collared shirt are appropriate attire. 
  • When going on casual outings: Polo shirts, chinos or linen trousers make great choices.

Luxury Car Rental

Traveling through Dubai gives you a fantastic chance to indulge in the ultimate car experience, renting an exotic car not only elevates your travel experience but also immerses you in its lavish lifestyle.

Numerous exotic car rental services offer an extensive selection of high-end vehicles from brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce. Renting one is simple, just remember your international driving permit, passport number and credit card when renting.

Additionally, it is important to familiarize yourself with local driving laws and speed limits before renting an exotic car in Dubai. From driving along Sheikh Zayed Road or making an entrance at one of its premier venues, the ride is sure to impress as part of an elite experience in this vibrant city.

Understanding Dubai Etiquette

Residents of Dubai take pride in their hospitality and respect for social customs. Learning basic Emirati etiquette will prove immensely useful:

  • Greetings: When greeting, a handshake should be standard practice; however, please be considerate of personal space. Some Emiratis may prefer not shaking hands with those of different gender.
  • Public displays of affection: Holding hands between married couples may be appropriate but any displays beyond this should be avoided.
  • Ramadan considerations: When visiting during Ramadan, it is advisable to refrain from eating, drinking or smoking publicly from sunrise to sunset.

Tuning Into Local Customs

Dubai’s culture is strongly influenced by Islamic traditions. Here are a few key cultural insights to help you adapt: 

  • Alcohol consumption: While consumption of alcohol in licensed venues such as hotels, bars and clubs is permitted, this cannot occur publicly.
  • Photography: When photographing people, especially Emirati women, always request their permission first and refrain from snapping shots of government buildings or military installations without prior consent.


Blending in when traveling in Dubai requires both respect and curiosity. From bustling souk lanes to leisurely strolls along Jumeirah Beach, make sure that your presence embodies the poise and grace of this vibrant city.

Respect local customs by dressing appropriately and understanding Emirati social etiquette rules, while adhering to local customs like saying “As-Salaam-Alaikum.” Embark on an unforgettable travel adventure as a true local would.


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