The Crazy Rocks Of Victoria

I wanted to write about the crazy rocks of Victoria because I went to these 3 places for 3 days. I went with my Mum and my brother Caius. We have so much fun together going to places.

Here are the crazy rocks we visited.


London Arch

It is called London Arch because it looks like London Bridge in London.

Photo by: Mia

Here are some facts:

It use to be a double arch. But in 1990 the one near the shore broke and 2 people were stuck on the other one. They got saved by a helicopter and its name was changed from London Bridge to London Arch. =)

Photo by: Mia

I enjoyed visiting because I got to take pictures of myself with the bridge. It was windy.  London Bridge was the craziest rocks we visited because there were two people stuck on it when it broke.


Loch Ard Gorge

There is a tale about Loch Ard Gorge. There was a boat that crashed into a sharp rock. 54 people died. There was a boy called Tom he survived and he heard a scream ‘aaaaaa help help’ from a girl. The girl’s name was Eva and Tom saved Eva from the water.

Photo by: Mia

We got to play in the sand and I got so so so wet. I was wearing stockings. But I am good at my cartwheels now and Mum took pictures of me.

The rocks here were so tall and we walked down lots of steps to get to the bottom. I saw a cool cave too.

Photo by: Mia


12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles name use to be the Sow and Pigs. Lots have disappeared. I woke my Mum to see it at sunrise. It was dark when we left home and it was cold. The sunrise was pretty but cloudy and after it started to rain.

Photo by: Mia

The rocks here looked like men standing in the water that is why they are called Apostles. Some were big, some were small. I made a quick video to share with you.

I also liked staying at our Airbnb on the beach, playing card games with my family, listening to the waves and seeing people swimming right outside my window. They were crazy too. It was cold.

I think this trip was nice, seeing all the crazy rocks of Victoria. I think other kids should see it, it was not boring at all and you could tag it onto a Sydney to Melbourne Coastal drive.

Look how easy it is to pin this!

Loch Ard Gorge Crazy Rocks of Victoria



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  • Doug

    I love travel photos.
    I am learning to use a program called LightRoom for editing my pictures.
    Have you used any programs to edit the pictures.
    It can be very creative when you are not out taking new pictures.
    When I am travelling and only have a lightweight netbook I use the Microsoft editor in Photo Gallery.

    A little note about London Bridge: It is no longer in London, or even U.K. A millionaire, Robert McCulloch, bought the bridge and shipped it to a community he was building in Lake Havasu, Arozona. He reassembled it over his man-made lake.

    Keep taking the wonderful pictures. The best ones are the ones you see before you click the shutter.
    Blog on!

  • Gina Edwards

    Mia that’s a great article! We were lucky enough to visit your crazy rocks in December and we loved it too. Fabulous pictures xx

  • Skye Class

    First of all, I think it’s wonderful you’re writing and traveling at such a young age. I’m so envious of you – wish I had started at your age. Your photography is wonderful, and I really look forward to getting to see those rocks someday.

    • Erin Bender

      Mia says thank you very much, Skye. We are glad you got a small taste of Australia.

  • Karin

    Level you piece so beautiful

    • Erin Bender

      Mia says thank you.

  • Julie Cohn

    I want to go to these rocks right now! Great job Mia and I love your photography!

    • Erin Bender

      Isn’t she a genius? She’s the best photographer ever.

  • Linda

    I can’t believe that I must have visited London Bridge nearly 30 years ago as I have a photo of me standing on the arch that you say collapsed in 1990! Yikes!!
    It was a fun place to visit and see, particularly having come from England and not long before I’d walked across the real London Bridge!
    Thanks for sharing your experience and photos 🙂

    • Erin Bender

      Yikes alright. Glad you made it across safely.. and slightly jealous.

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