3 Things You Must Do At Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi

Oh, my goodness, can we talk about this Christmas dreamland for a second? I mean, seriously, even as an adult, I couldn’t contain my excitement leading up to our adventure in Finland. Reindeer, huskies, and snow, oh my! But let me tell you, the burning question on everyone’s lips was, “When do we get to meet Santa?”

What is Santa Clause Village?

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi is known as “Santa’s official North Pole residence” and is one of the most popular travel destinations in Finland.

Where is the real Santa Claus Village?

Just outside the enchanting Rovaniemi city, right along the Arctic Circle, you’ll find the magical Santa Claus Village Finland.

Rovaniemi, Finland is known to be the official hometown of Santa Claus. It’s located in Lapland in Northern Finland.

How Do You Get to Santa Claus Village?

We hopped in a €25 taxi, but you could take the public bus – though, fair warning, that bus operates on a bit of a loose schedule from the town center. And heads up, it doesn’t swing by Santas Village every single time, so double-check that schedule!

When is Santa Claus Village open?

The Santa village is open year-round for kids of all ages to see Santa and his elves.

Is Santa Claus Village worth going to?

Embarking on the enchanting journey of Santas Village is a magical experience, even if you have just a single day to immerse yourself in its wonders. We found a few hours worked just fine for our young kids.

Is Santa Claus Village free to enter?

Now, get this – entry to Santa Claus Village is absolutely free. It’s this expansive wonderland with all sorts of attractions scattered around. But here’s the scoop: each attraction comes with its own price tag. Think Santa Claus reindeer rides, kid-friendly snowmobile drives, a massive outdoor playground (which, by the way, is totally free), and a whole bunch more.

Where to stay when visiting Santa Claus Village?

We stayed at the Santa Claus Hotel, of course. But you also might like to check out the Arctic Snow Hotel. Or stay at Santa Claus Holiday Village!

What else is there to do in Rovaniemi Finland?

We loved visiting the husky park for a sled ride. Plus decorating Christmas cookies with Santas Elves, Santa reindeer sleighs, and heading to the Arctic Circle snowmobile park to catch aurora borealis. Read the best 8 things to do in Rovaniemi here.



What time of year should you visit Santa Claus Village?

The best time to visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland, is during the winter months, particularly in December. This is when the village is transformed into a winter wonderland, and visitors can experience the magic of the holiday season.

We visited the week before Christmas Day. And then spent Christmas in Romania, that year.

Is there food at Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi?

Sure, there are some fancy restaurants on site, but we opted for one of the more budget-friendly joints, a nondescript fast-food café opposite Santa’s office.

Here’s the deal – Lapland is notorious for its high prices, so be mindful of your spending. A Reindeer Stew for €20 (yes, they eat a lot of reindeer here), and it looked like dry kebab meat on a plate. We sent it back, and he swapped it for a €9 cheeseburger, which was a much better call. What a letdown, though.


3 Things You Must Do At Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi

1. Above All Visit ‘The Santa’ at Santa Claus Village

Our first order of business was getting up close and personal with the big man himself – Santa! Now, we all know Santa’s real home is way up north, practically out of reach for us regular folks. So, he set up Christmas House Santa right here in Rovaniemi.

Picture this – a stunning building adorned with fairy lights, crowned with a layer of winter snow. Inside? A gift store and a big ol’ door beckoning guests further in. We strolled through a fantasyland, past a gigantic clock with a swinging pendulum and endless Christmas wish lists. Climbed a flight of wooden stairs and joined the line outside the room.

The vibe was electric. I’m talking excitement radiating from every corner. And get this – even the adults without kids were buzzing in that queue!

The line moved at a good pace, and before we knew it, an elf was ushering us into the hallowed room.

Santa Claus Office? Picture a festive Christmas house, all lit up, an expert photographer elf, and center stage – Santa! I made a beeline for him, slyly handed over a small present for the kiddos, and in hushed tones, asked if he could give it to them.

He graciously tucked it behind his chair, reached out to take our hands, and let me tell you, those hands were like clouds. The smoothest, softest, squishiest hands I’ve ever touched. He was the real deal, no doubt about it.

With the kiddos, 5 and 4, totally enchanted, the magic of Christmas was right there in his lap – or rather, they were in his lap. We chatted with Santa, mentioned we’d be in Romania that year, and asked if he could find us.

Father Christmas played along, assuring the kids he’d find them for sure. But just in case, he wanted to give them a present immediately. Cue ecstatic kids!

Make sure you say hi to Mrs Santa Claus too!

Now, I swore I wouldn’t buy any Santa photos, but darn it, the quality was off the charts. We caved and shelled out €50. In return, we got a digital video of our Santa encounter and a full copyright of the digital images.

Pro tip: If you’re not keen on spending moolah, no worries. You’re not obligated to buy images. Just note, that you can’t snap your own pics in this room. But hey, at Santa Park (a mere 2kms away), you can take all the photos you want with Santa at no extra charge.

2. Post Mail at Santa’s Post Office

Officially, this is where all those letters to Santa from kids around the world end up. At first glance, it might seem like any other holiday-themed post office. But head to the back wall, and you’ll find pigeonholes, each assigned to a different country, stuffed with letters from hopeful kiddos worldwide.

In the post office, you can send your own letters, and they’ve got a couple of tables set up for writing. We sent a Christmas postcard to Mia’s grandparents for just €1. Much better value than those damn cute Santa photos!


Right outside Santa’s Office, there were these natural-looking ice slides. Kids were zipping down on their chilly bottoms or their sleds. I may have had a bit of a slip (and so did the kiddos), so watch your step on those icy stairs. It’s all ice!


3. Ride a Tube at Snowman World

And if those mini ice slides didn’t cut it for your little ones, also part of the Christmas Village is Snowman World.

Sure, it’s a bit steep at €29 per ticket for all ages, but oh boy, it’s a blast. You walk (or slide) into the ice bar from the ticket office. Along the ice hall, there are small rooms with ice beds and cold mattresses they rent out to the adventurous types. There are plenty of ice sculptures, just ensure the kids’ tongues are not getting stuck!



Another door led us outside to a heap of tubes in front of two massive snow slides. After a moment of hesitation, our kids were sliding down solo, and let me tell you, it was way scarier (and more thrilling) than I anticipated.

We kept going back for more, the kids never getting tired. Around the back of the slides, there were other options like snowboarding or even a snow scooter.


Hours flew by before the cold got the better of us, and we retreated inside, all giggly and breathless from endless laughter.

There are a bunch of other attractions to keep you occupied at Santa Claus Holiday Village. But since it was all outdoors and we were slowly turning into icicles, we decided to call it a day after about 4 hours.

If you’re planning a Lapland holiday, I seriously recommend a trip to Santa Claus Village. Whether you go all out with photos and Snowman’s World or keep it budget-friendly with free slides and a chat with the real Santa, your kids are going to think you’re the absolute bomb (and so will Santa)!




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