Miami Heat? Here’s How to Handle Hot Weather with Kids

We’re witnessing some of the hottest temperatures across the globe right now and that has made for a pretty miserable summer for many.

Children, especially, are not excited about heading back to school while it’s still so hot outside, but with the Earth’s temperature rising every year and being stuck in the next phase of global warming, we have to do what we can to make sure that the kids are comfortable in the heat.

It’s not easy to beat the heat with children around, especially when the temperatures are sweltering and they’re trying to deal with it at the same time.

The other consideration is the cost of living crisis, so cranking up the air conditioning isn’t always the next best thing to do, either. You might want to, but then you’ll have the fallout of the energy bill that comes later.

There are so many things that you can do to make sure that the kids are beating the heat through the summer months and as a parent, you do what you can to make them comfortable. You might darken the toddlers bedroom through the day to keep it as cool as possible, and you might look into convertible crib types to ensure that the baby has more space with less crowding while they sleep to promote better airflow.

Whether you’re in Miami and coping with the heat or you’re trying to get away from Texas and their scorching high temperatures, you need to handle the hot weather with the kids and not end up in any more stress than is necessary.

Let’s take a look at how you can best handle the heat with the little ones!


Kids are notoriously difficult to hydrate because they will often refuse to drink water. You know that you can’t ignore the need for water, so you have to keep yourself hydrated, too.

It’s not an option to skip out on this and as you know, you will continuously perspire in the heat as your body attempts to stay cool. The kids will be doing the same, so if you can’t get them to drink water, it’s time to break out the popsicles and ice!

Hydrating regularly will reduce any feelings of fatigue and keep your energy stable throughout the day, too.

Get smart

This is the best time to look into investing in smarter control appliances. You want to know that you can bring your air conditioning on just before you get home from work so that you can walk into a cool house. With the right smart appliances, you can control this from your phone or your computer wherever you are.

No one wants to bring the kids home to a hot, humid place, so going smart is the best decision that you can make for yourself. You don’t have to rip your entire system out, either.

A smart thermostat for central air or a smarter controller for those windows or portable air conditioning units can help you to beat the heat and keep the house cool all day no matter where you are.

Upgrade the backyard

The kids will likely be spending a lot of time outside and the beauty of forecasting is that we can gain an idea of what to expect in terms of temperatures in advance. This allows you to choose the right upgrades to ensure that your backyard is adapted for the heat.

Smaller, smarter choices will ensure that you stay cool when you’re outside, so it’s time to get planting new trees and shrubs. Thankfully, you can buy these as they are and plant them into the backyard for additional coverage. With the right trees, you can provide better coverage from the sunshine and bring in a much cooler breeze overnight, too.

Get the HVAC guys out

We talked about smart air conditioning options, but have you thought about your current air conditioning? Your kids need to have a sanctuary away from the heat and your house is it – but it won’t work for you if you don’t get the experts in to help.

Getting the HVAC team out to make sure that the air conditioning is in the best possible condition is smart. They’ll check any airflow issues and if you’re planning to upgrade your air conditioning, now is the time to discuss it!

Make their meals lighter

If you want to beat the heat, stodging it up with soups and casseroles probably isn’t the right idea. Instead, look at how you can lighten their load while still providing nutritious options.

Snacks, salads, crackers and cold fruits and veggies are perfect for those long and humid days. Sticks of vegetables and dips, for example, make for healthy options and as they have a higher liquid content, you’ll find the effects very refreshing.

The kids will then maintain their diets and as they’re light and easy to digest, you won’t have to worry about them getting enough vitamins in!

Make sure that you ventilate where possible

Capitalizing on those cooler hours inside the house will ensure that everyone – including the little ones – feel cool in the house.

You need the kids to continue to be able to sleep and while you can convert the crib to make it more open with better airflow, everyone needs to be able to sleep at night.

If you ventilate the moment the air temperature outside plummets, you’ll be able to bring in fresher air and improve the air quality, too.

Get a pool sorted

You might find it far too pricey to install and dig out an entire swimming pool in your yard, but taking a dip in cool water reduces the body’s temperature and relaxes the mind. The kids will do nothing more than wallow in cool water given the chance, and you can do that with temporary pools from the toy store or huge vats if necessary!

You can opt for a swim in nature, too, as long as the whole family is careful about being in the right type of water. You want to be able to have fun with the kids and beat the heat, right? The best option is a pool.

Utilize your exhaust fans

The kitchen is where you cook, but if you can keep the exhaust fans going, it won’t be a boiling hot space that gets far too overheated when you are trying to cook.

Exhausts in highly humid areas also work to reduce the heat transfer to other areas of the home, which is going to really help to keep the heat down in the house. Where possible, though, why not look at getting the kids out into the backyard and cooking outside instead?

Exhaust fans will help inside the house but if you’re cooking outside, you won’t have so much of an issue because all of that built up cooking heat will dissipate into the air!

Get the ice going

We talked about getting the kids to eat popsicles to stay hydrated, but ice on the pulse points of the wrists and neck will help to cool them immediately. They’ll laugh and squirm away but it’s part of the fun!

You can branch this out into water guns and water balloons, too, so that you can make it more fun for it to be roasting hot outside. Load up buckets of water balloons and pistols and get the towels ready – you’ll need them!

Start making smoothies

Popsicles are one thing but a great way to help kids who have lost their appetites in the heat is to make smoothies. Summer flavors should be on the list so look to fruit and veggies that are in season and get the kids involved in making their own, too. Peach and green veggies, berries and milk and coconut water all make for refreshing ingredients.

The kids will love making potions and coming up with new concoctions of flavors and it’s a good way to educate them on the right things to put in their bodies. Leftover smoothie mix can be added to popsicle molds and frozen for an icy treat later on.

Stick with the lighter clothing

Try not to let your kids wear heavy clothing articles in the sunshine – or they could overheat and get too sweaty. Hats and sandals are a must, but so are cotton and linen options for the kids.

You need things that won’t be too heavy to wear and make sure that the clothing is light in colour, too, reflecting the heat away from their bodies. 

Educate your kids on being sun safe

Lastly, think about protecting their skin. With the right sunscreen applied liberally and regularly, you’ll protect them from the harsher rays of the sun.

You can teach them to avoid being burned, and as long as the sunscreen is at least 30 SPF, you’ll protect their skin. Don’t forget to look at the UV rating on the bottle, though!


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