8 Tips To Be An Uber Driver

Many people travel the world taking work wherever they can and being an Uber driver might be one of those things you attempt in another country.

But there are things you need to consider before you just start driving around in a new city. Whether you are contemplating raising funds for your next best beach destination or trying to work during your travels, please consider these 8 important tips.

1. Avoid Driving During Peak Hours

Although you can theoretically make a lot of money driving during peak Uber hours, it’s a frustrating and more dangerous time to hit the road.

If you want to start your Uber career on a more comfortable footing, avoiding peak hours is especially recommended, as it will let you ease into the job easier.

2. Know the City Beforehand

If you want to avoid accidents, stay efficient at making money, and keep away from high-traffic areas, there’s one thing you can do to ensure your success as an Uber driver: get to know the city you’re driving in like the back of your hand.

If you can do this before you start Uber driving, you’ll have a much better time during your first few shifts. However, if this is not possible, simply make learning about the city you’re driving one of your first top priorities.

3. Never Drive a “High-End” Car

Unless you’re specifically Uber driving for a high-end clientele, avoid driving an extremely expensive car. Not only does this make you more susceptible to would-be car thieves, but it makes the chances of you getting into an expensive accident much higher, as you’ll be on the road a lot while you’re Ubering.

Make sure you have a comfortable, and attractive vehicle, but avoid shooting for the moon. Also if you are hiring a car in your travel city, please make sure Uber is aware to avoid any insurance loss.

4. Park Strategically

Whether you’re picking someone up, dropping someone off, or simply waiting on a new ride, knowing how to park in a strategic, safe, and effective fashion is critical. Not only will this keep you efficient and fast at getting rides (and save you tons on parking costs), but it will keep you from becoming a traffic hazard that could end up getting you or someone else seriously injured.

This practice can also help you avoid becoming an easy target for would-be car robbers. The other tips on this list will help you avoid this dangerous, unfortunate situation as well.

5. Consider Rider Ratings

Rider ratings are one of the most useful tools you get access to when you begin Ubering. Knowing how friendly, how reliable, and how good of a tipper a potential rider is can help you stay both safe and profitable every time that you hit the road as an Uber driver.

As you use the app more often and gain experience, you’ll learn how to properly read and understand the rider ratings your clients have been given, so make sure to have patience as you’re still learning the ropes.

6. Avoid Phantom Profiles

One thing that few non-experienced Uber drivers know about is the problem of “phantom profiles.” These profiles are made using fake names, emails, and burner phones and often lack an actual profile picture.

More crimes, poor ratings, non-tippers, and other hazards tend to be associated with rides that come from phantom profiles.

To keep safe, and to ensure you make the money you need, always avoid phantom profiles while Ubering whenever possible. Reporting them to Uber is also highly recommended.

7. Never Drive While Tired or Intoxicated

While it may feel obvious, many Uber drivers (especially new ones) fail to take into account just how tired a full day on the road can make them feel.

Driving while not fully awake is one of the most dangerous things you can do and can lead to you being terminated if a rider feels as though they are in danger and end up reporting you. For the same reason, you must never drive while intoxicated (whether you’re Ubering or not).

8. Stay Focused at All Times

Nothing is as important during your time behind the wheel as an Uber driver as staying concentrated, professional and aware. If you find yourself distracted easily, this is simply not the job for you, as the sheer amount of time you’ll spend on the road will put you, your riders, and everyone else on the road in danger.

And if you do find yourself in an accident, know how to act appropriately to get the situation resolved quickly. Whether you need to call a tow truck for assistance moving your vehicle, take the details of witnesses to an accident, or call emergency services, be clear about what is expected of you as an Uber driver on the road at all times.

To help you stay focused, always use a phone mount while Ubering. Staying focused can help you prevent injuries to yourself and others from distracted Uber drivers. If you do find yourself involved in an Uber (or another rideshare-related) accident, make sure you contact a rideshare accident lawyer.


If reading these 8 tips helps you be a professional, profitable Uber driver, I look forward to reading about your adventures. May it help fund your travels!

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