4 hacks for travellers who want to keep career plans ticking over

What I love about Sarah’s piece is that anyone can use these hacks to reduce travel costs or just change their life. I know I did!


The “gap year” is a popular rite of passage for school leavers — many of whom set off for sunnier climates as soon as their exam results are published.

But a travel sabbatical is also useful for more mature people who want to take the time and space required to reassess life and work priorities.

And it is possible to enjoy this valuable time away from regular life without feeling like it will be impossible to get back on board with work ambitions.

Here are four hacks for travellers who want to keep career plans ticking over.


If you can volunteer for a worthwhile project while abroad, you can combat poverty and gain valuable experience that boosts your resume.

Many organisations welcome the specialist skill sets that slightly more mature travellers bring to the table, like volunteering in Kenya for animals. 

And you might get the hands-on experience and valuable insights that make it easier to launch your own social enterprise when you return home — you’ll have great contacts for possible collaborations too.


It’s worthwhile sacrificing a small portion of your sacred sabbatical time undertaking a paid internship with an interesting company.

And an opportunity in an unfamiliar sector can convince you to switch careers.

Without the associated pressures of a permanent contract, you can relax into your role with no worries and even uncover untapped talents you didn’t know you had.

Spending a short time working abroad can allow you to reconsider your entire career and live a whole new life.

Working on vacation

Erin working on vacation


Whether you want to progress in your own career or migrate to a new sector, studying for a qualification online can fit well with travel commitments.

UK online degrees in vocational qualifications like MBAs and specialist courses on subjects like digital marketing also provide the reputational prestige of gaining an academic qualification from an established British institution.

So if you’ve got your eye on a promotion and want to upskill, or are planning a total career transformation and need to absorb niche knowledge, you can progress your plans from your laptop.

Take time to see exactly what’s on offer by researching different courses and institutions — you might return home ready to start a totally new employment chapter.


Blogging about your terrific travel experiences offers another opportunity to sharpen your skills and potentially get paid.

Millions of web visitors are inspired by well-told tales about overseas adventures and if you can position your blog from a unique perspective it might become the digital talk of the town.

Your friends and family can also share posts on social media — if they go viral you could find yourself contemplating a career as a full-time blogger.

And even if you don’t become an online pro, you’ll end up with a dynamic digital diary that’s a rich resource for research and brainstorming.

These four hacks for travellers who want to keep career plans ticking over may allow you to take the trip of a lifetime and return home feeling refreshed and refocused.

Have you taken a travel sabbatical? Share your stories in the comments section.



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