10 Inspiring Travel Blogs Written by Students for Students

Travel blogs can be a fantastic source of inspiration, especially for students looking to explore the world. Here are ten student-written blogs that provide insights and tips tailored to young adventurers who want to experience travel thoroughly and frugally.

1. The Student Traveler

Amy, a university student who balances her studies with her passion for travel, writes the Student Traveler blog. Her blog features:

  • Budget travel tips for students
  • Packing lists specific to different destinations
  • Guides on how to balance academics and travel
  • Personal stories from her journeys around the globe

Amy’s engaging style and practical advice make The Student Traveler a go-to resource for students who aspire to travel without breaking the bank.

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2. Backpacks and Books

George, a graduate student and seasoned backpacker, runs Backpacks and Books. His blog offers:

  • Detailed city guides
  • Reviews of hostels and budget accommodations
  • Tips for using student discounts effectively
  • Strategies for managing time and money while traveling

Backpacks and Books are perfect for students who want thorough, researched content that explores the student travel experience.

3. Globetrotting Grad

Jessica’s Globetrotting Grad blog started during her first semester abroad. She zeroes in on solo travel experiences, cultural immersion tips, safety advice for student travelers, and ways to earn academic credit through travel. This resource-rich blog offers inspiration and practical guidance, making it invaluable for students striving to improve their education by exploring the world.

4. Nomadic Notes

Nomadic Notes is crafted by student travelers from diverse universities who share their collective experiences. The blog features group travel adventures, affordable destinations, essential travel apps, and beginner photography tips. It perfectly encapsulates the spirit of student group travel, making it an excellent resource for friends planning trips together.

5. The Erasmus Blogger

Sarah, who blogs at The Erasmus Blogger, shares her experiences studying abroad in Europe. Her posts include:

  • City guides from a student perspective
  • Advice on living abroad as a student
  • Erasmus program tips and insights
  • European travel itineraries

Sarah’s insights are invaluable for students in the Erasmus program or those considering studying in Europe.

6. The Budget Backpacker

Tom’s blog, The Budget Backpacker, is a goldmine of tips for globetrotting on a tight budget. It offers insights into securing cheap flights, selecting affordable travel insurance, and finding backpacking essentials under $50. With stories of unexpected travel savings, Tom’s practical advice is invaluable for students exploring the world without breaking the bank.

7. Study Abroad Corner

Karen from Study Abroad Corner offers a mix of travel and academic advice for students overseas. Her blog features:

  • How to select study abroad programs
  • Tips for acclimating to a new country
  • Must-visit places for students in major cities
  • How to stay connected with home while abroad

Karen’s blog is a great starting point for any student considering or currently in a study abroad program.

8. The Vegan Voyager

Lauren’s The Vegan Voyager blends her passions for travel and veganism, spotlighting vegan-friendly destinations, dietary tips for travelers, restaurant reviews, and ethical travel experiences. This blog is a valuable resource for vegan students and anyone aiming to travel sustainably and ethically.

9. The Weekend Explorer

Mike’s blog, The Weekend Explorer, focuses on turning brief periods into memorable adventures. It offers quick getaway ideas, efficient packing tips, and strategies to maximize short trips, featuring top destinations for weekend excursions. Perfect for students with limited time, this blog makes every weekend an opportunity for discovery.

10. Digital Nomad Diaries

Sophie’s Digital Nomad Diaries explores how students can combine travel and online studies or freelance work. Her posts offer:

  • Guides on finding remote work
  • Tips for balancing work and travel
  • Best gadgets and tools for digital nomads
  • Personal anecdotes of remote work challenges

Sophie’s blog is perfect for students exploring the digital nomad lifestyle and wanting to travel without pausing their education or career.

Summing Up

These blogs provide travel insights and tips and inspire students to explore the world thoughtfully and affordably. Each blog offers a unique perspective, making them invaluable resources for student travelers everywhere.

A note about the author – Ammie Barger

Ammie Barger is an accomplished article writer with a knack for uncovering hidden gems in student travel. Her insightful pieces offer practical advice and inspiration for fellow students looking to explore the globe on a budget. With a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, Ammie’s work will captivate and motivate aspiring travelers everywhere.


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