10 Best Things To Bring On Your 4WD Adventure

I was barely 19 for my first 4WD adventure. A friend had invited me to cross some sand dunes by the ocean with a bunch of others. Always up for an adventure, I was a solid yes.

That is until the 4WD adventure ended with the vehicle not making it through certain difficult terrain. All of us ended up having a 10 pm walk to whatever road and humanity were closest. And it was a fair walk. One I never forgot.

Don’t be me on your 4WD adventure. Be smart. So what to bring on your 4WD adventure to make your life easier? Here are 10 things to bring on your 4WD adventure travel.

Things To Bring On Your 4WD Adventure

1. Water

If you’re headed out on an extended trip, in remote areas consider bringing at least 2-6 liters of water per person, per day in your vehicle.

2. Food

Just as important as water is food. Pack lots of it on your 4WD adventure. The best bet is to bring twice the amount of food you think you need.

3. Clothes

Make sure you bring warm outer layers, a waterproof jacket, headgear, and an emergency blanket.

4. First Aid Kit

You can see what to bring in your First Aid Kit here.

You might even be inclined to go full girl kit, like me.

5. UHF radio

A good radio can go a long way towards keeping you and others safe off-road.

6. Spare tires, repair kit, and changing toolkit

A standard scissor jack is unlikely to be enough on your 4WD adventure, so be sure to carry gear like a bottle jack, high-lift jack with a base plate, or airbag jack. Make sure to also include a tire deflator with a gauge and a manual inflator, which are very important for tire pressure. Making sure you have a good set of tires is always a good investment.

Things To Bring On Your 4WD Adventure

7. Recovery Gear

Your recovery kit is going to need a snatch strap and a winch at the very least. Nobody wants to be stuck in soft sand. Handy to also include spare parts, ratchet strap, tow strap, etc.

8. Tool Kit

In the event of a 4WD vehicle breakdown, or if something gets knocked loose when you’re driving offroad, you’ll need to be able to make repairs. Stock it with gear like wire, tape, metal putty, as well as regular tools and a few spares.

9. Safety Kit

Make sure you include a fire extinguisher amongst other things like Safety Reflective Emergency Triangles.

10. Shovel

Often overlooked, but don’t forget the shovel. Whether it’s de-bogging the 4WD, digging yourself a toilet or fire pit, or spreading the coals around your camp oven for the perfect Aussie BBQ, your shovel is going to have more use than just once.

There is much more to consider, but this is a good beginner’s guide on 10 things you need to bring on your 4WD adventure. And let me get you in on a little secret. For my readers only you can stock up on everything you need at 4WD.com at 55%.

However, before you go shopping can I point out one more quick tip for your 4WD adventure?

Things To Bring On Your 4WD Adventure


In terms of your 4X4’s performance, nothing is more important than a well-sorted and reliable suspension setup. Whilst you might be able to skimp in other areas, when it comes to suspension it is a case of getting what you pay for.

If you use your Jeep the way it is intended to be used, your suspension system works hard. Jeeps are designed to handle the most rugged terrain, including the suspension so you don’t get bounced out of your seat.

Heavy use means you need to do regular maintenance and replace your shock absorbers more frequently than someone who only cruises on asphalt. When you need to get replacement parts that work, 4WD.com carries Pro Comp suspension components and lift kits.

You’ll never know what you need until you’ve gone out without it – so let other people make those under-equipped voyages on your behalf; always check with people about what they miss most when they are going offroad.

But also don’t buy everything. Weight is an important factor in your vehicle when you’re out on the trail and you don’t need a bunch of stuff you’re never going to use.

Good luck with your 4WD adventure!



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