How To Book Cheapest Hotels while Traveling?

The inflation rate is rampaging, and everything is becoming more expensive. Many companies and services are raising prices because everyone else is doing it.

When you’re traveling and booking a hotel, you can save a lot of money by following a few simple tips. Here’s how to spend more on experiences and less on your accommodation.

Hotel booking tips

Change your location with a VPN

It is the best trick that works 99 percent of the time. When booking a hotel or purchasing an airplane ticket, the websites always ask for your location. They can see everything they need just by looking at your IP address. If you need to book a hotel in France and you’re in the United States, the price will be much higher than if you’re in France already.

Here’s what you should do. Use a VPN to change your virtual location to where you’re visiting. That way, the website will treat you like a local and get the best possible deal.

Of course, a VPN has many other benefits that will help you down the road. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll be able to use public Wi-Fi without worrying that someone might hack you. Some services have malware removal as part of their plan, even if someone tries to do it.

This is extremely important because travel websites love to keep tabs on who’s visiting them to increase their prices as time goes by. Having access to multiple servers and masking your IP will ensure you get the best deal every time!

Visit the hotel’s main page

Instead of finding accommodation through a Booking app, go to the main page of the hotel you want to stay at. Browse their blog or news section, and call their main line to ask for a discount.

There’s usually a 20% discount hidden on their website, and you might need to sign up for their newsletter to get it. However, if you call them directly, they could give you a coupon as a first-time visitor.

Hotel booking tips - girl on balcony

Delete your cache and browsing history

Online cookies are an exceptionally interesting feature of the internet. Instead of being called trackers, they have a harmless name, and everyone accepts them. When you accept cookies, you practically agree to give away information about your browsing habits, income level, job status, age, location, and marital status. Your computer makes a digital footprint for you, and ad companies know what to show you when you share it.

When it comes to booking hotels, they can use dynamic pricing. If you’re in a higher income bracket, the prices will update accordingly, and you’ll pay more for nothing.

Clearing your browsing history is a great way to reset the cookies you’ve got at the moment and get the best deal possible. Even though you might see only a 5-10% decrease in price, it’s still money you would have thrown down the drain.

Use all of the benefits that you can get

Let’s say you’re in a dilemma between two hotels, A and B. Hotel A looks incredible, and the rooms are luxurious. Hotel B, on the other hand, is the same price, but they offer breakfast as an added benefit. The better choice would be to go with the latter because you’ll save a lot of money.

If you’re there for a week, you’ll save money for 7 breakfasts that aren’t included in the price of the first one! If a deal offers free parking, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, make sure to use it to the maximum.

HOtel booking tips - breakfast

Change the neighborhood

If you’re picking a place near the city’s center, the prices will probably be higher than if you’re a few blocks down. Do some research for hotels that are close to public transportation because you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars. Of course, it’s better to be closer to where you’ll go on meetings if you’re on a work trip.

However, if the pure purpose of booking a hotel is for traveling, then it’s much better to choose something that’s further away from the city center. Plus, you’ll better understand the local culture, and maybe you’ll find some gems that aren’t online but have great food and drinks!


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